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Wheel teaser

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only have the back two for now waiting until after mustang week to get the fronts 17x4.5s

- - - Updated - - -

Stfu brad, put them on(install) then pics! Now! :)

idk y but i was thinking of something different lol. maybe tomorrow if its nice out

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I dont know if you still have the wheels in ur sig... but it would look killer with the 2 cobra or saleens in the front and your new rims in the back.

actually dont even have that car anymore. I sold it and bought a torch red 04 gt but i will also be doing 17x4.5 up front

Loves those wheels!!!!

Sent from my secretary!!!

as do I.

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Actually you have three ;)

Those will look tough on the car!

haha Dan good catch I really ment "to"

- - - Updated - - -

why havent you updated your sig yet child?!

Good question sir. Anyone wanna make me a new sig please feel free!

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