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almost broke 12's!

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yea, I too am a complete asshole to people.

I'm averaging 1.7-1.9

I was actually expecting something like...

"Well, at least my car doesn't need 18 lbs of boost to get there."

You are 0.011 seconds slower than my best with the subie. While I might not get much faster, you can expect almost a half second gain from where you are now if you make a few changes to your suspension.

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Sorry, its my mindset to assume everybody is just being an asshole..

Im trying to still dial in my tune, and work on my launch. I was trolling through mach1registry earlier and saw people are making 12.6 with the same mods as me, but of course they have been tracking their cars alot longer then me, and most of them have 410 gears..I saw people were getting high tens with 456 gears..

I think with a radial or at least a stickier tire I could run 12.7.. my ultimate goal.

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I stopped launching the car. I gave up on launching it from anything higher then idle RPM because i just spun(even at halfish throttle) so i started rolling into and had no more issues with wheel spin off the line. I get spin around 5300 to redline and then when i shift into 2nd to right around 5600, and in the course of a night dropped my average from high 13's to low 13's.

eventually I will save up enough for a detriot locker and 31 spline axles.

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i'm not going to 4.56's, this is a daily car..lol I broke into the twelves about a month back. I also got the last of my 31 spline stuff..so slick/radials will start being used. hopefully i can pull even lower 12's.

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I'm working on it. I still lift off the gas when I shift, and a still get wheel spin unless i feather it. some days are better then others. my fastest runs are obviously when I'm on an empty tank, and all my interior outside the car. but I dont always run like that.

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Think of the flinstones...

Oh you mean pushrods????

Something quicker than a 4v ~_-

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and not just one or 2 2v's ..... merp


Sent by smoke signals

even you misfiring and going lean, you would win that race

hold on. let me to take my elevator from the top floor of the Burj Khalifa building down to your level in the basement. ;)


Oh snaps so many burns in here its like a fire!

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Until they learn...they shall suffer

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