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As a system admin you never want to walk into a company with an IT room like this. But over the course of the past few months I've been working at re-doing everything in it and getting it somewhat up to code and easier to diagnose. NONE OF THE LABELS OR PORTS WERE LABELED!!! aka HELL. This is what the hell started as:





In the ceiling above



Started off by putting in a 2 post rack to move the switches onto. They were only stacked on top of one another on a shelf.


Then started the process of clipping all the wires and re-routing them correctly in the ceiling where they came in at, and starting to label them all.






Getting the switches ready to put onto the new rack


Was in a rush just to get everything plugged back in, finished up the night at about 6AM, building opens at 6:30. Was also able to get the 4 post rack bolted into place.


Everything from the moveable 4 post cart will be transferred to the 4 post rack The phone boxes on the right were also removed and a more favorable IP Phone system was installed, along with new PoE switches.


Cable management getting set up.


UPS and routers getting moved over, part of the patch cables have been ran


4 post moveable cart has been emptied and cable management has been added to other side of 2 post rack.


Patch cables getting finished up on right side




Tedious shit and almost all of this is done after hours when everyone is gone for the night. But I'm proud of it, still have some tidying up to do with power wires, and get some more cable management for the wires from the 2 post rack to the 4 post rack. All in all, its 10000x better than what was in there before, and all the ports in the offices have been labeled, the patch panels are labeled, all cables have been labeled.

Thanks for reading over the most boring thread on SN95source!!

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holy fuck me running. Thats a lot of fiber... lol I just want to grab onto all the wires at once and twist. and then tell them to find the broken strands.

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what got me about it is you can see all the old abandoned runs that are just hanging there. it must have been too difficult and/or risky to remove them.

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Im sick of being in this room, so I tidied everything up and this is pretty much how it will stay now. Everything is labeled and in cable mangement.






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Yeah. Luckily when we ran everything the first time at my last command we made sure to take our time and use all the cable management, etc.. Having a raised floor also makes a big difference although you do have to fight with the HVAC systems and power but still it's a lot easier.

Luckily my new job it's already setup correctly. I hope I never have to walk into a shit storm like that.

Prokiller, yall hiring yet? Haha.

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