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Orange 94

Photoshoot + Dyno Results

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I've shared this on the other site, but not everyone is on both. So here :D

Here's my favorite pictures of my most recent shoot!













Dyno Results!

Well I finally have numbers!


4.2 v6 (1998 F-150)

M112 Supercharger w/2.93 pulley

SSM adapter Plate

Mild ported split port heads and intake

Comp Cams 259HR115 cam

Comp Cams 26918 valve springs

Scorpion 1.73 roller rockers

Lightning 90mm MAF

C&L boost pipe

Walbro 255lph pump

Cobra Blue 39lb injectors

94 3.8 v6 stock headers

94 3.8 v6 25% underdrive pulleys

Double roller timing chain



I took my car to Tecmotion owned by Matt in Calgary Alberta.

First, off Matt uses a Mustang Dynamometer (Powerdyne) which seems to be very difficult to produce high number on paper. He figures the number that come out on this dyno are about 14% less than a DynoJet.

If you are wondering about the project car in the video, its a 33? Coupe kit car that is going to be Coyote powered. Can't wait to see the car done!

He also has a Mystic Chrome Terminator with kennebell blower and a extremely mean N/A fox body that runs 9.44? and 0-60 in 1.9?


Found a few problems with the car that caused a fuel trim.

1. The Cat(s) are plugged.

2. Oxygen sensors need replacement




On Mustang Dynamometer

247.8 RWHP

264.4 RWT

As a comparison a stock 3v V8 Mustang does about 225 RWHP on this dyno!

On Dyno-Jet (Estimated by Matt, 14% more)

288.1 RWHP

307.4 RWT

At Flywheel (Estimated by Matt)

330.4 HP

352.5 T

So I'm pretty happy with those numbers! Once I gut the cats (possibly put in resonators depending on sound) and new oxygen sensors I should be able to get pretty close to my 300 rwhp on a normal Dyno.

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