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Sunset photo shoot

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Ok so it was brought to my attention that I have kinda vanished *cough* *cough* [MENTION=5]Det_Riot[/MENTION]. Well I've been really really busy at work lately and what not. I finally had some time to go out and get a few pictures of the gt. You can't really tell but it is really filthy! All of these were taken on my iPhone so they aren't any thing special. I hope you enjoy them

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Great pics! No big deal about real life getting in the way of forum attendance, it happens! After all, this is a hobby so it takes a back seat to almost everything else for most of us.

Yes Dan this is completely true. I'm really thinking about picking up photography. Idk why but I love doing this stuff in my spare time I just need to learn the angles better and get a camera since these were taken on my iPhone

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man if that dont make ya wanna say fuck "real life" and find a long, empty country road and tear down it then you are dead!! lol, wish i woulda done that more often when i had my mustang.

This is so damn true tony. I'll be on 1st shift for good next week and I'll be able to actually get out and taking more pictures and enjoy this baby more

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