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Rotisserie - need advice for mounting (PICS)

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Ideas? Suggestions? Pics or drawings? Any help is appreciated.

I am ready to put my car up on the rotisserie. The back mounting points are obvious (I think) - attaching at same points the rear bumper reinforcement brackets mount.

Here (passenger side)...


and here (driver side)...


The front is a different story. I am sure I don't want to use the front bumper mounts - they just appear too flimsy...


I'd like to get back to where the k-member mounts...


But the radiator support prevents going directly underneath (yellow) and the lip around it gets in the way of tying into the side of the frame rail (red).


I could shim the frame rail side top get past the lip, or I could fab some kind of plate to tie into the k-member location. It's a long reach to the k-member spot, so I'm worried about twisting the plate - or worse, the frame rail.

Ideas? Suggestions? Pics or drawings? Any help is appreciated.


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Thanks for the replies, gents. It looks like I will be attempting the front bumper mounts. I was told they are definitely beefier than I thought. The interior is still full. I will be taking out the seats and looking for new leather to replace the cloth, and probably a homemade rear seat delete in favor of doing something cool with the sound system - but that's way down the road.

1997 Cobra, I am in Brighton.

I hope to complete major work on my playhouse by next weekend - finishing wiring and plumbing the air system for the compressor. The lift is in - yay! Then I can mount the SN95 and move it in. I will be posting pics when I get it mounted up - fingers crossed for no overtime this week.

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you mean the crush supports or where those mount to the core support? Those are made to compress and bend too absorb impact I would be afraid that they would bend when you turned it. When I dropped my car off to have the cur support fixed he pointed out that some time some where that someone had backed my car up under the core support as once it was stripped you could see the bend it made on the bottom.

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Those are made to compress and bend too absorb impact I would be afraid that they would bend when you turned it.

Good point, and just what I was thinking when I started this thread. Arrrgh! :confused: I don't want to be the guy that finds out the bumper supports are not strong enough because that would suck and be really expensive.

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Id make some gussets and put em on the bumper supports. That way you have a little more support there from bending them. That or make up some brackets that go to the side of the supports and tie back to the k member

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Well, I emailed the friendly folks at CJ Pony Parts and they responded with good news - the front bumper mounts are indeed the correct spot to hang this thing on a rotisserie. James Rice was generous enough to share this info...

Good afternoon.. I will level with you, I view your inquisition in the same light.. it does look like a weakened area for hanging the body.. however, that is the correct mounting for that chassis.. as with it on the rotisserie, there will be no weight (engine, radiator etc) on the front of the car reducing hanging dead weight 500-800lbs and the mounting will be where the impact bumper mounts would be which are quite stout in a collision so you will be sound in the mounting there.. as an added safety or for piece of mind, you can make a support structure for the support during the time the car is not in motion on the rotisserie kinda like using jackstands when working on the car.. of course it is always viable you could create a mount to attach to the forward mount of the k member.. on the 94-98 cars and fox bodies too, many will drop engine/trans all at 1 time by dropping it attached to the k member to begin with so as stated earlier losing 500-800 off the front of the car ..I hope this helps.. thank you

Thanks to James and the CJ Pony Parts experts!

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