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Cb radio install zr2

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With working on the grand prix and mustang non stop I figured I needed to walk away from those projects. Partially from all of the fumes from welding and the.fact the left arm is dead from all the block sanding.

So this is it I had a cb radio laying around that I wanted to put in.post-31-13951619721772_thumb.jpg

That is my worthless tape deck that.doesnt work with aftermarket.radio so I firgured that would be a good place for it.post-31-13951620709987_thumb.jpgpost-31-13951621013983_thumb.jpg I started pulling the player apart.post-31-13951621577079_thumb.jpg Sweet didnt.have to do case mod fit perfectly.post-31-13951622055132_thumb.jpg Using a sawzall blade as a straight edge for dremel.post-31-13951622497876_thumb.jpg Semi finished still need to straighten out some edges and fill the side a little bit. I think it turned out awesome so happy :)

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@95riosnake Thanks, yeah that was my thought on previous trucks I would put them in the center console under arm rest but it.just worked out with the tape deck. But I think its much cleaner this way.

@The Mk2 I love my zr2 just not a very good aftermarket following from company's.

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