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How much would you sell your rear seat for?

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first time I have heard of someone wanting to buy one. I had mine on the local craigs list for ever even for just $20 - If you have someone waving $20 for it grab it and run...

Well it's different when its a coupe and vert. My car is a vert and it looks silly driving with top down and a big empty void back there lol

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do a delete.  The storage is much better then any complaining passenger that ever sat back there.


"Are we there yet?  I can't feel my feet....  Can you move the seat up?(as if your knees are not eating the dash)" - Never again....

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My rear seat was in mint condition (like it was in a time capsule since 95 lol) and I got something like $125 or $150 for it locally, having a hard time remembering...I've sold so much stuff off this car lol.


I'd offer $75 considering you have to dye it.

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