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Welcome To SN95Source.com: RedTwilight

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Everyone please welcome RedTwilight to SN95Source.com.

RedTwilight Please tell us about yourself and your car(s) and feel free to browse around and get to know others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you for being part of the Source community!

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First off my name is Trinity Whitfield and I'm from Roxboro, NC.


I own a laser red '96 Cobra with just basically exhaust and a T-56.  I have an IRS from an '03 waiting to go in it as well as some badly needed paint and body work.


I also have a silver '93 5.0 Coupe.  It has the usual bolt ons with 4.10's in the rear.  I am currently gathering the parts to upgrade the rear at the moment.  I've broken 3 axles this year at the track.


I'm also on other forums such Horsepowerjunkies.com, SEFB.net, and SVTperformance.com just to name a few.

Although I participated in the SN95 cruise at MW back in 2011 I did not know about this forum until today when I saw the pic of the 2012 t-shirts.


So in advance thanks for the welcome and I look forward to being a member on the site.



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Welcome to the site man! We did the sn95 cruise this year as well and for the (hopefully) many years to come! Got any pictures of the cars? We're suckers for photos hah

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Welcome aboard, very jealous of the T56!

Thanks!  LOL  When I thrashed 3rd in the T45 it was either spend the money to rebuild or put it towards the T56.  Since I planned to go T56 in the future anyway I decided to save the money in the long run. 

Now if I can quit breaking stuff in the fox so I can save for the build up of the IRS. 

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