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i don't usually ask newb questions and im sure i could have looked up threads from the battle of 1812. however, can i use the 302 a/c and smog delete on the 351 i have in the bronco? also, anyone know any tuners for speed density so i can delete egr and smog? thanks you guys are greaaaat.

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just a quick search turned this up when doing a 302 to 351w swap in a stang. so take it for what its worth i guess


  1. Accessory brackets & crank spacer
    The last items that are not a direct swap are accessory brackets, namely the power steering and AC bracket. Depending on what accessories you are running, some of the 302 brackets will not fit. Ford Racing sells a replacement kit with the right geometry for around $60-$70, as does March. Furthermore, a crank spacer may also be necessary to help align your accessories and serpentine belt. Some guys are able to make it worth with just the regular 5.0L parts, whereas others can't. As mentioned, it depends on what accessories you wish to run, and where you want to place them.
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ford used the same ac compressor on all the small blocks in the early 90's the bolt pattern for the delete should be the same.  they did use different clutch pulley set ups. you would have to make sure that your belt lined up though. im 90% sure you would be fine.

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