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Tire Question - Stock 17" Rims:

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Hey everyone...


Since I drive my car so much, I'm thinking it wise to keep my stock 17" x 8" rims for the sake of rotation. 




I'm running Bullitt springs front and rear




Currently, I am running 245/45/R17 Michelin Pilots, but I was thinking about stepping up to a 255/45/R17 for a little more 'fullness' in the wheel well. As I recall, the 255/45/R17 was stock on the 96-98 Cobras, so I am sure it will fit the chassis. 


My question to all of you is, how do you think it will handle compared to a 245/45/R17??? This car goes around corners like its on rails and I don't want to mess that up. 


Also, any personal experience recommendations on a good 255/45/R17 would be appreciated.



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Have you thought about going with a 17x9 bullitt wheel and running a 275 on all four corners. That would handle really good and give you a better contact patch on the ground. I agree with steve-oh you really wont notice a difference at all.


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In my own opinion, the 255 will just go over the edge of the rim more, causing a little less cornering grip/feel. Also the 94-95 Cobras had 255, in 96 they went to 245. And I agree, these gals do not feel like they are on rails.

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i have a 255/45/17 on an 8.5" rim, and a 245/45/17 on the stock 17x8" rims.   I can tell a difference there, but I think the actual tire has something to do with that.





this was the 255 next to a 285




and this was the 255 next to a 265


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i think the biggest difference isn't going to be that size change as its minimal, but the actual tire you plan on buying.  you get a cheap all-season and you'll suffer performance more so than if you got a decent performer like a Nitto for example.

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