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Keys and Factory Remote

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I recently purchased a 96 Cobra. It is need of lots of love. I am working on the fuel pump and a key broke off in the trunk lock. I have a second key but was thinking of getting a whole new set of locks and keys. Where would be a good place to pick up a set of factory Ford locks and keys?


Second, I hate the big remote of the 96. Is there a way to replace the big remote on the 96-98 with a newer 99-04 style?


Lastly, do the 96s have the PATS setup?

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Ughi looked for "factory" stuff a few years back and never found it. Just aftermarket ones.

No idea on the remotes.

And yes I'm pretty sure it does

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For reference, this is what reads the PATS key (and part number). Should be able to buy the set in blackmage's photo as long as the transceiver fits with the ignition. I don't see why it wouldn't, it just sits around it so it can read the chip in the key.



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If you have two original keys you can get a copy made cheap by a locksmith, otherwise plan on spending 50 dollars and up for a replacement key.

You can cheat and tape the transponder part to the column and just get a "door" key made anywhere.

The system will think it is a normal key with the transponder taped to the column

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