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Pictures of the Daytona

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I don't plan on doing a full build thread on the Daytona but I know enough people here like seeing it.  So, from now on, I will post any new pictures that I have of the car here.  Here are a couple I took over the weekend when I visited my parents.  Sorry they suck, it was fucking cold out.



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Ugh, that thing is delicious.


I would have formed some clear lexan quarter panels to show off that suspension porn underneath, but that's just me ;)

I told him to at least leave the aluminum panels off on the inside of the trunk to show it off a little bit.  He wants a really clean look inside  :huh: .  

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I can say without question, that if given the option, I would build one of those over a Cobra kit car 10 out of 10 times.  Looks great!


I couldn't agree with you more.  I love the corbas too, but this thing is a different class of bad ass.

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Took the Daytona to SAAC this weekend for it's first public showing.  Won a first place in it's class and, more importantly, we got to meet Pete Brock.  He's the original designer of the Daytona Coupe and he was an awesome guy to talk too.  He signed the dash and shot the shit with us for a good half hour.  He even liked the color.

A little update on the car as well. We corner balanced the car and set the cross weight.  It's at 2,676lbs with me in it and a 49.9% cross-weight.  Goes to the DMV on sept. 23rd to get inspected.


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That's what everyone paints them and to be fair, they look awesome in blue.  My father says to Pete: "Everyone wanted me to paint it blue..." and Pete cut him off saying: "noooo, everyone paints them blue.  I really like the green." it was pretty funny.  I think he owns a superformance daytona coupe.

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Some pictures of the build since I haven't posted any here yet.  I'll post some videos once it's legal with the state.


289 hipo solid roller, 760cfm center pivot carb.  We're guessing it makes about 350hp but plan on getting it dyno'd.




push rod setup in the rear.





body on the frame







suspension before we modified it.




front suspension




tacking the side bars in place




rolling it out of the paint booth with a coat of primer on it.



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I love the green also, blue looks good but who wants to look like everyone else? lol


Very cool that you got to meet the designer and have him sign it, that had to be really sweet BS'ing with him.


That push rod setup...ugh the porn.

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LOL  Seeing the pre-finish body on the frame make me think what if it was painted Ferarri Red!  That would get some people talking.

Does that use the 8.8 center section for the IRS?

Haha Pete Brock's superformance coupe is RED! haha


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LONNGGG time ago I said I would post video.  Today I make good on that promise.  Here it is in all it's glory... with 2.73 gears. We just swapped them for 3.73's so next year it'll have some more get up and go. 



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