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Cheapskate here

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Yea I'm a big cheapskate and rarely spend any money.. nor much on my mustang.

Then I realized it's my birthday tomorrow and I got a few days off. So I did some research and found a starter kit for $179 but that wouldn't be here till my last day of vacation from work so I opened up the bank and can't wait for my gifts to get here Wednesday and make my car look brand new. post-73-143078679648_thumb.png

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Think I've got myself talked into one of these myself.  I've been using my buddy's Torq on my wife's car so I am wavering back and forth.

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Chemical guy v series.. right now done with the cutting stage. I'm using a machine grade polish now.

Excuse my junky garage and the cord is touching the paint. I know that's a no no when detailing.

Polished side picture

Bottom kick panels are dead. Not even touching those lol



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Waxed one side and I'm giving up for today. Been going for 8 hours.

My problem. The paint on this car looks bad at certain places and no matter how much time I spend I can't correct it. Any idea how to remove this crap by the door handle. It looks bumpy In the picture but it's not . Once you spot it you notice it goes the entire length of car to the fender. cf2fef021fcd3f9c39504d5cedaa3599.jpg

For spending so much time I still see imperfection I dont like. Ill rather get this thing re painted than to detail again lol.

From the other way you can't see it




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I use the 105/205 combo a lot. It works really well on the wifes car which is black.

Here's what I started with


And after the 105/205 combo


I need to get some new pics of the mystic too. Even the old owner was amazed at the difference.

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