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I figure rather then making separate threads for all the random cars that come and go, I'll just make one to cover them all.  I'll start a separate thread for my actual project when it's complete and in my possession.


So first on the docket: I have a 67 Nova that I drive maybe 20 miles a year. It really just sits in my garage and takes up space. I bought it with good intentions. I just find myself spending time with the family or the house or work. Pretty much anything but the car. I don't know why, I just never got the attachment to this car to really want to touch it. I consider myself more of a Ford guy then a Chevy guy. Maybe that's my problem. :unsure: Seems every time I go to the garage to work, my time is spent repairing my dailys. Oh well, on with some pics.






As far as the car goes, it has the stock 250 6cyl and powerglide trans. Rear has blocks to lower it. Up front has a CPP mini subframe kit, CPP tubular LCA's, drop spindles and a disc upgrade. That's pretty much it as far as modifications go. Previous owner sprayed it in primer which is a shame. Kind of a messy job with over spray everywhere. Glass also has overspray and orbital sander marks for some reason. Other then new seat covers, carpet and factory dash/pad, the interior is bare. No weatherstripping anywhere either. 3rd gen Z28 wheels are courtesy of previous owner.


All I've done since buying is drive it home, park it in the garage, and that's pretty much it. A front tire goes flat if it sits for a few days, so I drive it back and forth to the free air pump at the gas station a couple times every summer. I bought it so I could throw the kids in the back and just cruise it. Unfortunately, with no seat belts in back and just the overall car itself, my wife thinks its a pending death trap. So needless to say, it sits.


Anyhow, I came across a good deal on a nice power disc brake setup last summer and decided to pick it up. If you were paying attention earlier, I said I never work on this car so the brakes are still not on. I decided what the hell, let's get to work!


Now this will not be a quick build thread in case you haven't noticed. But I figure I'll entertain you guys when I do decide to force myself into the garage.







So i had a couple minutes before work to kill, so I dug out a set of jack stands and went to work. Figured I can snap a few pics and get the wheels off. Just a warning! My garage is an unorganized mess. It is dirty and usually has more household items in it then cars/tools. I use more harbor freight tools then I do Snap-On. Apologies up front ;)Continue if you dare!




With all 4 off the ground I pulled the wheels.




A peek at the brakes:




I'll update with something each time I go out there. I take criticism very well so don't be afraid to say or ask something. This thread is for entertainment purposes only! hope you guys enjoy.

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I also love those old Novas, Any plans for a couple extra cylinders someday? The brakes look nice, like, they'll be the prettiest part of the car lol.

I have a 350 in the garage that needs a rebuild, I just don't have the ambition. I'll honestly probably end up selling the car sooner rather than later and just throwing the engine in with the sale. The 6cyl runs great so I'm hesitant to mess with it's reliability.




i think it's cool as hell being a 4 door! no idea why but i even like the 4 door biscaynes and belairs 

I like the idea of the 4 door as well, but potential buyers don't. Everyone wants the 2 door. My parents had a 55 chevy wagon 4 door wagon growing up and I thought it was the coolest thing, which prob is why I ended up buying this :lol:


Thats my favorite body style Nova for sure.  CPP makes some really nice stuff as well.












Just in case you were wondering  :D


The air ride is awesome, but i don't have that much money into the entire car :D  CPP has a bad rep on the Nova forums, but I haven't had any issues. to each their own I guess.







As far as the weekend went, I spent my time repairing some of my other stuff. I had battery problems on my van and my motorcycle so spent my time with that. Pics are more exciting then reading, so here's a few from the weekend:


Looks like my upper ball joint boot isn't doing too well, so I'll replace it with my CPP ones





Lower looks alright



Here's the bike, an 83 Suzuki GS550




Hopefully get a little more work done this week on the Nova. I'll update with pics as I go.

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I know I've been slacking with updates, I've just been preoccupied with too many things lately.


No update on the Nova, but while over at the in-laws this weekend I snapped some pics out in the garage:


My father in law has had issues with his rear suspension ever since he had the car built. Long story short, a shop took his money and ran while building this thing and he has had problems ever since. The guy skipped town with a garage full of cars and it took my father in law a long time to get the car out of the garage. Once he finally got it he had to take it somewhere else to be finished. Anyhow, the suspension is very sloppy and there is a persistent clicking in the rear. My father in law is a car enthusiast but is not a mechanic by any means so he asked me to take a look. We threw it on the lift to check it out. Turns out the coilovers seem to be sliding on the lower mounting point whenever the car shifts around.




You can see in the picture, the lower mounting point just slides on that bolt. Now I don't know what company made the suspension or if the shop was supposed to build it themselves, but its clear that the coilover mount isn't correct for those coilovers. I just recommended he get those mounts remade. We hung out for a bit longer so I snapped some pics of the actual car.











It's a beautiful car, very loud and definitely draws attention. Unfortunately the motor is pretty much stock with just dress up items. He isn't much into motors and stuff like that, he just likes to look good. Doesn't really drive it much, just goes out in the garage to smoke and stare at it. Oh well. As far as the Nova goes, I plan on going out to the garage this week and getting some work in. I'll update with pics hopefully in a few days.

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I would think a simple solution to the mount issue would be to lathe a couple spacers to put on either side of the lower eye of the shock. That would save a lot of time. Whoever set that rear suspension up just didn't give a shit obviously. That's a beautiful car for sure though.

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I would think a simple solution to the mount issue would be to lathe a couple spacers to put on either side of the lower eye of the shock.


That's what I was going to suggest also.  Be a very quick and cost effective solution.  Really nice car, but then I've always had a thing for Eleanor's.


Definitely interested to watch the Nova progress.  That body style is certainly my favorite.

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So I know it's been awhile, but I found some time last week to get out there. The warm weather is nice!


Got the front hubs off after some persuasion with a torch and found out in the process that the front shocks are beyond shot. So looks like I'll be hitting up rockauto for some replacements.







Decided to move to the rear since I couldn't reassemble the front yet. Pulled the pan off and removed the set screw and the diff pin. Removed the c clips on the axles and slid them out. Was fearing it would be a pain but it all went very smoothly. My whole house now smells like skunky gear oil.









At this point it was getting late so I called it a night. I'm going to try to get out there this week and remove the backing plate assemblies and the ebrake cables. I'd like to get the axles back in and the rear closed up so the smell can finally go away. Hopefully by that time I'll have my new shocks in and ready to go. I can reassemble it all and then it's on to the booster and master cylinder. Until next time...

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I know this is moving at a snails pace but I am slowly making progress. With the warm day yesterday I decided to tackle a little more. I got the fronts reassembled with new shocks and ball joints up top. The backing plate bolts weren't cooperating on the rear so I decided to call it a day before I snap something. I need to pick out some new wheels now. I want to show the brakes off so I want something open. Any suggestions? I'd like either a 16 or 17 front and back. Here's a couple pics:








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So the cold weather has kept me out of the garage for the last month. I've been too cheap to fill my oil tank in the garage in order to run the heater, so I haven't gone out to work on it. I did however decide on some wheels and I'll throw some pics up once I receive them. I still have to finish the rear axle before I can put it back on the ground. I have to install the power booster and new master cylinder, so hopefully only a few days left of work before I can get her going again. I hate having a car take up a garage bay without being able to move. My other long awaited project should soon be finished and on its way home, so hopefully sometime in April I can finally post that up.

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I received my wheels yesterday and had a few minutes to go out in the garage, so I mocked one up for ya guys. They are square 18x8 +13 BMW M Parallel knock offs. I've seen some other Chevy 2s run them and I always liked the look. I found a good deal on this set so I pulled the trigger. Onto the pics:







These accomplished my goals of having an open wheel and not running standard torq thrust style wheels. I don't think they look out of place either like some tuner wheels might, so I am pleased. I'll have to decide on some tires yet and get it all mounted up, but it's still a step in the right direction. I think with a 215/35, 215/40, or 225/35 I shouldn't run into any rubbing issues.

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Thanks guys!


Got some more work done this week. Finally got the damn backing plates off the axle. 50 year old parts don't like coming off.




I hit the back of the axle flange with a good wire brush so I had a clean surface for the caliper adapters to mount and got that all tightened up.




Next up was to slide the axles back in, reinstall the c clips and lock the diff pin back in place.




Next I slipped the rotors on and mounted the calipers.








The hard lines on the rear axle have to get switched out, so I have the fittings soaking since they didn't want to loosen up. Once those come off I can run the new hard lines along the axle and secure the brake hoses to the calipers. My gasket scraper has gone MIA so I still have to clean the old gasket off the rear and then put the cover back on and fill her up. Install the ebrake cable and then the rear is all finished.


I wanted to make sure these wheels wouldn't hit the rear leafs so I mounted a wheel up. Success! Fits perfectly!






Before I called it quits I unpacked the booster assembly.




And finally threw on my front lip.




Hopefully I'll get some more accomplished over this next week. In the mean time I hope you guys are liking the build so far. I'm having fun with it!

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i was talking to my dad about this car because had two novas years ago a 68 & 69.  do you still have this now that you got the probe project?

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3 hours ago, Prokiller said:

i was talking to my dad about this car because had two novas years ago a 68 & 69.  do you still have this now that you got the probe project?


Yea Ryan, it's still parked next to the Probe in the garage. I really need to finish it to free up some space. I got frustrated with the booster studs around the time the Probe showed up, so I haven't touched it since.

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Been almost 5 months since I've updated this one! Sorry guys!


So the Nova brakes are finally done! Decided to drive her a little bit last week since it's been inside for a year. Took the car to a buddy who does interior work and got all that lined up, so in the next month or so that should get done.






So with the car FINALLY out of the garage, it was time to do a little house keeping. My father in law needed an oil tank for a rental he bought so I made him take mine. I never use the furnace in the garage since it is terribly outdated. I'd rather have the free space. Besides, I doubt my home owners insurance would have liked that oil tank in there!




Turns out there was about 1/3 of the tank still full of oil. They siphoned the oil out and finally got the tank out. I need to find someone to take this damn furnace off my hands now!


So it went from this:








To this:




I rearranged some of my boxes and finally have it to a point that is spacious and functional. I didn't take any other pics, but the other bay is a million times better. I'll have to get back out and take some more pics. I need to work on organizing it all now. I can't really use my bench because its covered in junk that shouldn't be there. I'd like to paint it too and hang some new lights. There is a lot of work to be done, but it feels so much more usable already.

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So with the probe sitting dormant waiting for parts, I worked on the Nova a little bit to keep me busy. The interior was mostly bare and it drove me nuts, so I finally bit the bullet and bought some new interior.


Door panels are all new front and back. Also installed new arm rests and pads. I had all the factory wind lace, handles and knobs, so this went very well and made a huge difference.



Also installed a new seat cover for the front split bench. Carpet was already new so it really brought everything together.




While doing the rear panels I reinstalled the factory seat belts so the kiddos can ride a little safer.




You can see up top the new headliner and sunvisors.




A new package tray finishes things off.




Trying to stretch this fall out as long as I can, so I still have both cars out. I'm trying to drive these as much as possible before the weather turns and I'm stuck inside for 4 months.




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So I think it's time to move on from the Nova. I don't drive it and with the Probe and Mach, I just don't have much interest. If anyone is interested, or knows anybody that may be interested, send them my way. 

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