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Official Weight Reduction List

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Actual numbers are from Either from 330CubeGt (Me) or 96SOHC. Everything on this list was put on an actual scale.Numbers show either the weight of a part, or weight saved by moving to a lighter part.

Hopefully this helps give you guys an idea of the actual weight of the items your wanting to remove from the car to drop weight before you actualy remove them.

This way you can Decide if its worth it, so now you don't have to play the guessing game wondering what each part weighs.

Drivers seat Leather = 48Lbs

Passenger seat Leather = 38Lbs

Rear seat Leather (top half) = 30Lbs

Bottom Rear seat = 15Lbs

Sounds deadening (Remove w/Torch and Scraper) = 45-50Lbs

Under Carpet Insulation = 20Lbs

Door Panels = 8Lbs (each)

Extra metal out of front bumper (Center) = 8Lbs (Kept most of it)

Stock Front Sway Bar w/links = 13.5Lbs

Going to front coil over setup = 20Lbs

Going to lighter front seats with manual sliders = 20Lbs

CD Player Head Unit = 5Lbs

Window Motor = 8Lbs

Rear End Dog bone = 10Lbs

Metal plate under steering column = 3.5Lbs

Wind shield washer tank = 1.5Lbs (empty) & 8Lbs (full)

Passenger side air bag = 9Lbs

Drivers side air bag = 3Lbs

Air bag sensors and module = 3Lbs

Hood latch w/cable etc = 2-3Lbs

Cruise control (In Fender) w/cable = 2-3Lbs

Glove Box = 4Lbs

Trunk Lining with spare tire cover = 14Lbs

Spare tire = 25Lbs

Jack and tire iron = 8Lbs

Smaller battery = 10Lbs

Mach 460 Amp Rack = 6Lbs

Mach 460 Speakers = 2.25Lbs (each)

6 disk changer = 2Lbs

Rear Seat belts = 5Lbs

Sun Visors with harness = 2.5Lbs

E-Brake Assembly w/cable = 7.5Lbs

Black boxes behind rear tires w/brackets = 3Lbs

Grille insert and Radiator cover = 2Lbs

Mott bar and bumpstop bracket = 9Lbs

Fog Lights and brackets = 6Lbs

Rear Bumper support brackets = 6Lbs

Factory Spoiler = 9Lbs

Strut tower brace = 8Lbs

Complete Front Bumper support = 17Lbs

Quad Shocks w/brackets = 8Lbs

Rear Sway Bar = 8.5Lbs

Convertible K-Member brace = 17Lbs

Firewall blanket = 15Lbs

Door Bars = 8Lbs

Dead pedal = 1Lbs

Tailpipes = 20Lbs

Evap Canister = 5Lbs

EGR and DPee = 4Lbs

Rear Bumper = 25Lbs

Convertible top pump/motor/cylinders = 12Lbs

A/C Complete = 30Lbs

ABS Pump Delete = 14Lbs

99-04 Brake Calipers = 10Lbs Vs. 14Lbs (94-98 style)

Wiper motor and linkage = 6Lbs

Heater core/A/C box/ fan = 19Lbs

Bumper suppor mounts w/wind deflectors = 5.5Lbs

Stock A-Arms 30 Lbs, Tubular A-Arms = 15Lbs

Hydro-boost and master cylinder assembly = 17Lbs

Power steering pump 10 Lbs, Delete pulley = 1.2Lbs

Power steering lines and Res = 5.5Lbs

Lock mechanism,window motor,wiring harness = 12Lbs

Gut underside of Trunk, Trunk will weight = 20-25Lbs

Few Lbs Misc Nuts/Bolts and Removed Metal???.

Stock e7 heads = 48-50Lbs (each) VS Aluminums = 27-30Lbs (each)

If you have personally weighed an item that you don't see on the list feel free to share your information!!!

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Cleaned up post, adding information
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Ahh thats why i get for looking for the first letter "D" for dog bone lol Thats why i missed it. Thanks for pointing that out!

My 98 5.4 Car was 2750lbs with out me or gas in it, Only thing it really had was a/c and a radio that played throught the 460 tweeters in the doors lmao. Even went with some sweet roll up windows :)

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Damn, thats fox body area as far as weight. I wanted mine to be under 3000 with me in it but I didn't want to drop the a/c compressor or ps :/... It was time consuming to drop that much weight but its actualy worth it imo

Heads up and ass kickin! Using Tapatalk 2

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