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Engine coolant system question

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Does anyone know if there's way to use the older style radiators with a 4V?  Ever since I came across this picture, I've been determined to replicate it. I know this is a classic Mustang but my 95 ain't getting no younger :lol: 


This way I can keep my radiator I bought from @GearGambler and it'll clean up the engine bay some. Any one have any thoughts, concerns?



The main purpose of the tank is to provide some air space so when the coolant expands it can compress the air instead of running out on the ground. You want the overflow tank higher than the crossover (or even with it) so the air goes in the tank, not in your heads. It's hard to tell from this pic, but the top of the Moroso tank is about 3" higher than the crossover and it runs about 1/2 full.

The cap on the radiator has been cut so it holds no pressure. The overflow from the radiator flows to the degas tank (to a fitting on the back/left side) and down into the thermostat housing through the bottom of the tank, just like the factory setup







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Oh, I've got this... Small expansion tank a little higher than the coolant crossover, use the oem hoses with my existing radiator.

carbon intake (1).jpg

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This is not the greatest picture but I have the radiator in place. I still have to purchase a degas bottle to complete as I won't be using the standard plastic tank.


Inching along....


I'm going to use the Terminator lower hose setup and modify it to suit my specific setup. Obviously the coolant crossover connects to the top side of the radiator as well.



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