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Does Anybody on here have the florida50 gauge cluster? I love the look of them but those prices, even though I guess it seems they come prewired.

Just debating if I would want to go that route or buy the cluster and put my the gauges in myself. I had cobalt gauges in my old fox and loved them. I dont really care for the sn95 cluster, and mine is starting to mess up anyway.



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On 11/5/2017 at 7:12 AM, ttocs said:

by prewired, do you mean it wires into the stock gauge  wiring?  If so that is nice and easy but also useless data short of rmp/speed/volts..


Well from what the site says it is not plug in play just gauges are pre-wired.

  • This unit replaces the factory Ford Instrument Cluster. See Special note below ***
  • The 1994 - 2004 Instrument Cluster comes as a one-piece unit.
  • The Instrument Cluster comes pre-built, assembled and fully wired.
  • All 94-04 Clusters use Electric Speedometers, since the factory Speedometers where electric.
  • Turn signal and hi-beam lights are included.
  • Complete installation instructions and needed hardware are included.
  • These are not Plug-N-Play units, wiring to vehicle is needed.
  • Standard gauge clusters consist of AutoMeter's Phantom, Sport-Comp and a combination of Sport-Comp / Pro-Comp* series gauges. 
         NoteAutoMeter does not offer 2 1/16" gauges or a 3 3/8" Electrical Speedometer in the Pro-Comp series.
  • Prices of other gauges (Ultra-Lite, Cobalt, Phantom II, Carbon fiber, etc...) will vary.


  • For more information about the actual wiring and connecting of our built Instrument Clusters, please read all the FAQ's, especially the one pertaining to the Alternator.
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On 11/5/2017 at 9:42 AM, 95opal said:

Never liked the florida5.0 cluster but price wise it will cost you almost the same to fabricate your own depending on gauge selection. Wiring is not an issue just make your own pigtails. 


On 11/5/2017 at 10:43 AM, LWARRIOR1016 said:

I used the auto meter panel and sport comp gauges when I built mine. It’s a little different than the Florida 5.0 panel. I’ll have to get a picture posted up 

Well, thats what I'm trying to decide is if it would be better to just buy maybe the housing and do the gauges myself.

 Black housings

  • Blank (undrilled - no holes) Cluster Housings. $ 110.00
  • Drilled  Cluster Housings................................ $ 145.00
  • Custom Drilled Cluster Housings.................... $ 200.00
  • Racepak housings...........................................$125.00

      Carbon Fiber / Brushed Aluminum ABS  housings

  • Blank (undrilled - no holes) Cluster Housings. $ 135.00 *

  • Drilled  Cluster Housings............................$ 165.00
  • Custom Drilled Cluster Housings................. $ 235.00

    * Note: Brushed Aluminum and Carbon Fiber housings need proper tools to cut.
                              Customer assumes all responsibility when ordering.


      Brushed Aluminum and Carbon Fiber (gloss & matte finish) ABS Plastic

Built Instrument Clusters (with standard series gauges)

C-494L  -  $ 725.00                        

C-494S  -  $ 725.00

C 694SE -  $ 905.00


For pricing on all non-standard gauge series built clusters.

Example: Cobalt, Carbon Fiber, GS, NV, C2, Phantom II, Ultra-Lite II, Sport-Comp II, ES, Nexus

Please Call

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The last time I ordered gauges I got them from egauges.com they seem to usually be a few dollars cheaper, at least from what I've found in comparison. I like how they build it in with the turn signals and everything also pre-wired. I wouldn't think it would be too hard to wire it like they do and if it's going to cost me close to what they sell it for then I may just let them do all the wiring work with the gauges and dash panel.

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strange it says its prewired but not plug and play so I am guessing you will need to run wires to new senders/sensors.  Have you considered getting a piece of CF or aluminum an painting it how you want and then mount your own gauges in it?  IF its not plug and play and your running new wires then all its saving you is the time if cutting a piece to mount to either the shroud or on top of the old gutted gauge cluster and then cutting the holes for the gauges and when you think about how much that piece of plastic costs vs the chance to make it exactly how you want it I would be going DIY.

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