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Electric water pumps

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I was wondering who has electric water pumps, what brands are you guys using? Is Proform ok? Are there other brands out there other than Mezierre(sp?) and Proform that are worth the money. This will be going on a 357w that will be a weekend warrior.

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Let me help you really quick. PROFORM IS CHINESE JUNK!!!! I don't know too many people using an electric water pump on a street car. The hp gains are almost negligible, and you run a high risk of calling AAA due to a small electrical problem.


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Im running an electric pump in my car. Its a mezeire pump. It works great and no problem with overheating or anything. Proform is chinese crap. Csr also makes a decent pump. One of my customers has a mezeire pump on his car. Never been changed and has been on the car since 2002 with hundreds of passes at the strip and thousands of street miles. I personally like them for the simple fact that you can run the pump in the pits (granted its on its own relay and switch) to help cool the car down

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