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Hydro Dipping?

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Although I havent done it personally, I have had parts done by a personnel friend who does it professionaly. After speaking with him and watching him do it, I can say its not as easy as it may seems. Watching a vid and doing it are two different things. Ken block makes drifting look easy to, but you wont see me yanking the e-brake at 100mph and throwin the stang sideways cause the vid made it look easy. With that said its your call if you feel confident enough to take on the task then go for it, if it were me I would just pay the couple of bucks to have it done right.

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if the tuttles and their computer geek could pick it up on american chopper I think I could finger it out as well.

I wasnt implying that its impossible and what AC didnt show was the amount of parts and material they fubared before getting it right. Now unless you plan on hydrodipping every part of your car it will be cheaper easier and you will get better results from a pro. I have sat and watched hours and hours of this process and can tell you For the minimal amount it costs to have done it isnt worth getting into it.

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Thats why i never picked up a kit, For the money if you F up half of what you try to dip before you learn its going to suck. It would be like throwing money out the window. But i think you should give it a try and post up and let people know what you think about it.

I know its more or less a newer way to coat parts and such so there ain't a ton of DIY talk about the Hydro Dipping.

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