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Potential rear brake upgrade and it’s cheap too!

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This was brought to my attention in one of the Road Race/Autocross Facebook groups and I take no credit for this! Thank Michael A!!

Ever wonder what the “38” meant on top of our rear calipers? It’s the piston size, 38mm. The 93-97 Taurus and 93-00 Continental use a caliper with a 43mm piston.

So, who cares?

Well, consider this:

The larger the pistons are, and the greater the area over which they come in contact with the brake pads, the more clamping force they have on the rotor. Think of how many GT and V6 guys swap their front calipers out for PBR calipers from a new edge. It’s for the extra clamping power while using the stock sized rotors.

Still not seeing the light? How many of us have upgraded our front brakes beyond the realm of 13” Cobra brakes? This has created a very forward brake bias and the rear brakes become useless. That can either be addressed with an adjustable proportioning valve or more clamping force in the rear.

Here are a few pictures to prove this will work:


This guy fits in the Mustang caliper bracket...


...uses the stock size mustang pads...



...and the e-brake cable connects in the stock place. Well, the original author admitted to having the caliper on the wrong side during mock up BUT you get the idea.


RockAuto even offers Powerstop versions in red powder coat finish! Which is exactly what I’m going to order.




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3 hours ago, Evilcw311 said:

What size are the cobra rear pistons though?? I ask because my irs came with the 04 cobra brakes.

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99+ Cobra: 13.0x1.1" Brembo rotors, spec'd 40x40 mm dual piston PBR calipers. Rear single piston 38mm Varga Caliper, 11.65" vented rotor

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hmmm i've been wanting to replace my rear calipers anyway because of how rusty and just nasty there are.  not worth rebuilding for how cheap new ones are.  might just have to get these instead then.  

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19 minutes ago, Det_Riot said:

This is Intriguinggggg, Makes me wonder what the rear caliper off the 18's are since we have two sets sitting around now. hmmmmm

May be a match made in heaven or an alignment nightmare!

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