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1974 F100 Build

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Hello again boys and girls. I just recently picked up another project. As the mustang is nearing completion into daily driver status, I’m going to dive in to something new. This time I’d like you all to follow along on our journey as we tackle this 1974 F100, single cab long bed. 

It’s going to be a simple build, repair the rust, cut the frame and bed down to a “mid length” where the front and rear section are the same distance from the tire, crown Vic front end, s550 independent rear end, turbo c head 5.4l with a coyote intake, built 4r70w trans out of the mustang, and then finally top it off with a repaint in bright Atlantic blue. See......simple! 

I’m going to be pulling apart my town car and using the electronics from that, trying to keep the cruise control and electronic air conditioning. 

Now I’ll post some pictures. It’ll be slow going but should pick up momentum soon. 









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11 minutes ago, Evilcw311 said:

Now this will be exciting.

Too bad this place is so dead nobody will see it........ emoji20.png

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Oh man, it’s not that dead around here lol. I want to help bring it back to life. 

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2 minutes ago, Evilcw311 said:

I hit up a bunch of post yesterday with no response. I see maybe 1 post a week here and it’s usually me or broseph.

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I scroll through here a lot, just haven’t posted too much. I need to correct that. 

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Cool!  Looking forward to the build.


A buddy of mine is doing a mid 60's F-100 build that's very close to what you're doing.

He has gotten the Crown Vic front and the S550 IRS in.  He will be dropping in a turbocharged 4.0 Barra into his though.

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13 minutes ago, Evilcw311 said:

How did he get that motor here??? I’d hate to see the cost of importing it from Australia.

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There is someone that's importing them now.  I don't believe that it is too bad price wise.

The info is on a Barra Swap page on Facebook.

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Going to be a pretty big picture dump to help get things caught back up. Been slow going but somewhat steady. Got the engine and trans pulled, all the frame is stripped down to bare c channel and the crown Vic front end is under the truck. Got the two alignment dowels holes drilled, but I need to get the sleeves for the frame and drill those holes. I did test fit some wheels. S197 ultralite and an sn95 wheel. Neither one quite fills it out. I’m going to try one of my fr500’s from the mustang next. 
















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Test fitted one of the mustangs fr500 wheels. It fits better than the s197 stuff. Have to get the engine and trans in to make sure it’s all going to fit good. I also went to the junk yard and cut the frame on a crown Vic to get the tubes out. Got those removed and the holes drilled in the truck frame and the tubes in place and tacked. 






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Switched gears and started working on the rear end. Pulled the bed off and cut all the stock rear end brackets off. Then hung the IRS under the frame to get an idea on location and wheel fitment. It looks like the SN wheels fit just right under the bed. In the picture here, the rear end was moved forward too far, it got moved back before any cuts were made. 








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Made sure the rear end was located right where I want it, then marked the frame to cut it and set the frame down about 2” lower than what it was in the picture above. Cut the stock rubber mounts off and sanded it smooth, made the frame cuts and got it welded up to the frame in the rear. Going to make mounts for the front and weld that up to the frame. Right now the pinion angle is at 3° up, so it should be easy to match with the trans. 







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2 hours ago, Det_Riot said:

Now this is freaking cool! 

Thanks man, I’m hoping it turns out alright. I’ve got some more done to the rear end. Started making the front mounts and getting those welded in. 

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