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Mustang fails

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Didn't mean for this thread to get you down...

I just got bored on youtube and started looking at all the videos of these guys loosing it and while im sitting here shaking my head i decided to post a few for a laugh because most of the ones that loose it are doing somthing stupid or are in need of a driver mod.

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That's coupe5oh in the very first video in the very first fail! lol LOL he said he didn't care if I posted it but I got beat to it lol

In his words " I don't care i'm famous!" lol lol

Sorry man, had to be done lol.

hell yea! i dont care it was on LS1 tech too and NorCal Lsx..

good stuff just glad it wasn't me. Who was the white stang in the first one with the other stick on it window?

that was me in my old car...had electrical problems but got it fixed and came back out and beat that maro..

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