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Post your interior

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My interior is so plain its sad, but maybe some new seats next yr.

Our passenger dash looks exactly the same! Mine even got the same rip lol.

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Got some new pics this morning. Still don't have my new column piece in or my new steering wheel, but those are the worst things IMO ha



Custom made floor mats


94 door panels


Lots of questions on my shift boot:

On the bottom is the MGW lower boot, and on top is a B&M shift boot, around it is a piece of half inch foam wrapped with black felt. I think it looks nice, some people hate it.

I personally love the orange handle :) Around that is obviously the mach 1 surround.


Made this because these things always break. Clearly it needs a repolish, just been a little lazy. I want to remake it out of aluminum, that was welding steel, which is why it rusted so quick.


Some more rice


my gangster switch, the e-brake boot is actually one of those super cheap generic shift boots from autozone or whatever, it fits perfect and looks great!

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