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Yep. I did it.

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Yeah there's a bunch of local 350s that are nice. I knew a guy who had a blue one like this that was built and twin turboed. Let's just say that thing MOVED THE FUCK OUT! Haha. And he was able to control it when it was sliding so it felt like Tokoyo drift.

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i get a japanese car then everybody else copies me.....WTF.

lmao, nice car meanie!

Let's go test em out.... thanks!! :)

Nice car. Still won't drive it.

Misspelling brought to you by Tapatalk

You can drive me.

Thanks guys. Wife likes it. I'm pretty surprised with it all the way around.

Sent from my DROID RAZR

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Those are nice cars, my neighbor used to have one.

Just be careful if you decide to add a turbo ot supercharger on it, these cars come with weak internals from the factory.

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i was never much of a fan until i got my infiniti g35 which is pretty much the same car. i've grown to like these now. but i fell they need some more pronounced bumpers. too round and vw beetle looking.

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