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skinny @ss

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In preparation to getting this thing mini tubed I droped a rear I had laying around off to sinis built to have it shortened. Took 2 1/2' off each side. Here it is cut in the jig and ready to be welded up.

Cant wait to get it back and start stuffing parts back in it.


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works enough for me! =D can't wait to see how this turns out man, everything you do is top notch!

Thanks Det_Riot

sweet cant wait to see it down. Didnt you say your going to try and take it down to Mustang Week?

Yup Plan on debuting it down at MW if everything falls into place. Still have a ton of work to do but I will be dam sure shes ready for it.

this is going to be awesome, what wheels are you going to run?

Well onyx lets just say they will be custom , sorry cant let all the cats out of the bag just yet lol

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very cool mod are you keeping the same brakes on the rear ?

Cmon now troy you should now me better than that. The cobra brakes are ok but not quite sufficient for this set up. Rears will be twin piston just like we spoke about up in laconia.

To give you an idea of whats in store it shouldvpretty much look like this when complete.


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Opal, its been months! Where are the updates?

Lol update......Im back from florida again haha. Ok Got back on it and hit a few snags because vert. From what Ive gathered from the net and talking with teamz...Im pretty much in uncharted waters with this car being an sn95 vert so no tech help for me. Good news, although It had me stumped for a bit I finally worked out a solution to my problems last night. So as soon as I can get a few hours to throw at her Ill get it pretty much wraped up. Other setback is my narrowed rear isnt back yet but I am expecting to have it by the first weekend in April.

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