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Strawberry Shortcake: Whipy's Wonderful Adventure

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So i'm just gonna do this thread like i do at sn95forums

just as somewhat of a whatever thread.....a good majority of it will be my car but if i find some pics of stuff i think you guys will like i'm throwin it on here.....these pics are over the last 3yrs or so

I am Tyler's eyes, I see what mainly goes on in his life.




Here is the oldest pic i have of my car.....dont have any of right when i got it.....i got it when i was 19 and still have it at 24.....no plans on getting rid of it althought i've been tempted to pull a tuck-n-roll with it off a cliff from time to time


few months after i got it


i didnt get the car stock but i've done a decent amount to it.....i lost all my pics of me spraying it but whatcha gonna do.....new paint comes later

so the car decided it wants a 5.0 out of a 93 LX


wam bam



old-ass shot....old ass-shot


the car didnt feel like leaving the garage and decided to hug the door frame for a few feet



my buddy Nick's 2v..stock on 95Rs..and mine


right to left: nick's 96, my 94, my uncle's 66 chevelle


my uncle and me.....he lets me drive it sometimes.....pretty well build 454 under the hood..4.10 (or 4.11, i get confused going from chevy to ford all the time) rear end..ladder bars..etc..solid car.....my aunt took the pic in her 3000..i gotta say for an import that car is sweet


wingless for a change


i averaged out my car breaking down once a year so far.....shit happens i guess....just upgrade whatever broke.....this time was the fuel pump


and no lunch would be complete without a small portion of kraut brew


powerdyne gone.....engine bay needed some attention


- - - Updated - - -

took my exhaust off to paint the system so there was a week or so i was having a little bit of loud fun

nick left, me right.....my two best friends are Nick and Mike so they're in a lot of the pics i got as they are always around


before i knew wtf i was doing with paint i tried to do the bare spot on my front bumper......also you can see here the completely fawked clearcoat on the spoiler


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Nice thread! We're definitely gonna need to whip up a catchy title though. Whippys fun house sounds like a bad carnival attraction with creepy clowns and shitty music ;)

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this is at the beginning of the fuel pump job......Mike (left) has a black '01 stage 1 roush thats in front of my truck and Nick's 94 is above his head in the street


better pick of nick's


better pic of mike's


- - - Updated - - -

engine and interior shot of nicks 5.0



- - - Updated - - -

mike's, mine, uncle's, ex's


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Get back from Canada so you can make thus thing pretty!

Haven't even left yet, hoss. Besides this is only the beginning, these pics are a few years old already.

Very cool, Tyler!

Thanks, dude.

- - - Updated - - -

my other uncle's coupe.....got it bone stock..rusty..bicycle-ish wheels/tires..you get the pic......he built it from the ground up.....engine and all (he threw a 502 in it).....chopped the top himself.....amazing man (RIP)


quick video when my cousin took me out in it.....i gotta say i was trying to hold the camera straight






uncle ken..R.I.P.



he wasnt gonna let some snow stop him from enjoying it after he got it done




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Do you know what made your front bumper look like someone/something cock raped it? ....Other than that, awesome thread, nice cars too, that Hot Rod is badass!
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I'm here for the strawberry shortcake and cool hot rods, this is the right place correct?

Hi, I'm Steve, and I have an addiction.

Do you know what made your front bumper look like someone/something cock raped it? ....Other than that, awesome thread, nice cars too, that Hot Rod is badass!


the car didnt feel like leaving the garage and decided to hug the door frame for a few feet


I received a spy shot of Whipy's plans for a vinyl wrap... looks tough.

you obviously haven't gotten the update with the center caps and head liner

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so nick and i picked up this mini bike on the side of the road at random one day.....its kinda similar to my other one but what i wanted the most was the frame cuz it's an old school one....they dont make em like that anymore.....so i bought it from the guy....it was rough...i didnt even know if it was gonna start cuz the recoil rope was MIA.....but like i said i bought it for the frame...i had a spare engine identical to this one that i was prepared to throw in.....got it home..cleaned out the carb..threw a different recoil on it..couple starts and i'll be damned if the thing didnt run like a raped ape....i'm talking like 30-35mph.....so i was pretty happy.....i decided that something had to happen with the forks....i cant help but laugh at the fact that someone got seriously hurt in the process of getting the forks to damn near a 90*



here's nick sitting on it.....better pic showing how fawked the front end was


decided i was gonna chop it out






my dad's good friend Jerry came over after i finished raising the handlebars and rattle canned it flat black


uncle gary (with the chevelle) wanted to check it out.....this is how the chopper is now


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my dog Rain....pure bred....shes a great hunting dog.....she dont even flinch next to a gun shot and doesnt hurt anything she brings back



- - - Updated - - -

me and an ex taking my uncle's chevelle out for a little cruise




video of the ss.....he just rebuilt the steering shaft.....reason why he's messing with the blinkers

the usual weekend friday or saturday night at my house


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party over there :drum:

Yeah I think my place is "that house" on the block.

- - - Updated - - -

the usual winter day to day considering the girl next to me as a variable.....right to left - me, ex, stephanie (nick's girl), nick, my little brother kyle


last winter.....we got the first snow worth talking about in years




my brother kyle chillin in the snow haha


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just :piihb: occasionally and make her love it. the laughing from pain will make it alllright lol.. yes, i'm a sicko.

You've just gotta cycle through enough of them to find one that likes it, then you treat her slightly better than the others.

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at our place in michigan....me, ex, neighbor


left to right: neighbor (great guy), dont remember, me, ex, nick


the doggies.....ours in back and my grandma's.....Rain (back) Einer (front)


my old man fixing the reclining wood chair


the ATC group....close to far: '72. '76, '74 (if i remember right)


and the old man....coolest dude out there....chillin in the chair he fixed


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nick made a new handle for my brother kyle's s10 since the plastic one snapped.....aluminumnumnim.....came out good


rain and the mini bike (the hog)


ebrake lines....pain in my ring piece


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I thought that was a joke before, what's a Michigander?

Sent from bored/stroked iPhone

Well in this case it's a Bike ride that happens every year that covers a good bit of distance in 6 or 7 days through various parts of Michigan.
a person from michigan, same goes for michiganian
but normally this is what it means lol.
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when my uncle ken passed away i was able to get his sled.....it had been sitting outside for about 5yrs so inside and out it was nasty.....been around sleds all my life so i was pretty excited to get going on it considering my dad has the same sled but carbed and one year older.....700 EFI twin....my old man's sled screams and i know this one does too but its gonna be a decent length of road.....i found out the engine was filled with water and then found out that the heat exchanger was punctured....i think it was caused by a stud breaking out of the track and putting a hole in it....this the pissed all the coolant out and overheated the engine.....here's my progress with it so far


gave it a bath


and the tear down begins




as you can see, the crankcase is filled and both pipes were completely filled as well


rust water from cylinder 1 pipe splashed and of course with nick being nick i couldnt pass up the picture opportunity


both pistons were scoured and the cylinder 2 wrist pin i had to heat up to get out


crankcase out and ready to tear it down


i have more pics but i dont have them on my computer yet.....i'll upload them soon

- - - Updated - - -

my sled, nick's sled, my sled......took em out to get a good wash and wax ready for winter




my current sled



- - - Updated - - -

here this is identical to mine in every way

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so i think i said in the first post that i lost all the pics of me spraying my car but here's 3 of the day i drove it back home......i sprayed the roof, both quarters, wing, front bumper, rear bumper, and the mirrors

right by the shop next to my buddy's 250






- - - Updated - - -

so some dickless piece of shit decided to key my truck.....it was the original paint.....i was dead quiet for like two days..i was so pissed.....so that and my cab corners starting to get bad (damn IL roads) i decided i gotta do something about it......so i sanded out the scratch..cut out the cab corner..and sandblasted the inner corner


nice and clean....this is just before i etch primed the inner corner


time for test fitting the new corners after i cut them down to size......no job would be complete without a good friend helping ya out


new corners glued and held overnight......for anyone wondering we just say glued but it aint really.....the shit hardens like concrete and can be sanded/ground down nicely.....i kept welding to a minimum cuz of the sound deteners on the inside


filler applied...waiting for it to set so i can sand 'er down nice and smooth


filler sanded down and corner is etch primed


in the booth..just got done priming it


mixin up some paint.....the one bad thing about having two red vehicles - shit is expensive


sprayed and pretty much back together......also a good shot of why i tell people to tint their lights the right way not with niteshade


lookin purty again.....next to my buddy evan's truck


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