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My 04 GT

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This is my car as it sits right now.


I took the Cobra side skirts off for right now and I'm rocking the stock ones. I have Mach 1 sail panels and the rear quarter glass and a set off Bullitt side scoops sitting at the house. I am going to get the side skirts, scoops and sail panels painted next week hopefully!

This is the the look I'm going for.


This is going to be the last of the visual mods I do (i may put the cobra mirrors on it eventually). The next thing that is going on is a blower, hopefully around tax time :livid:


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Yeah I can't wait. I'm going to put the blower on the motor that is currently in the car. Next I'm going to start building a forged block with some trick flow heads. Goal is to shoot for about 700-800 rwhp. I'd be happy with 600 though lol

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Brief update:

My project has taken an unexpected turn. I was able to get my hands on a Vortech V3 kit and some 39# cobra injectors with really low miles for a good price. It is a non intercooled kit, so I also need to piece together an intercooler kit. Kit should be here today or tomorrow, so I will post up some pics of it!

Edit: This is the intercooler kit I'm looking at. Has anybody had any experience with these guys?


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This came in today :)


I almost have everything I need, still waiting on a few more items to come in. Here is a list of the parts:

  • Vortech V3 kit
  • 39# cobra injectors
  • EV1-EV6 adapter kit
  • SVT Focus pump
  • IAT relocation kit
  • 3pk V3 lube

I am going to have the car tuned at Powercurve Motorsports. A few of my buddies have had their cars there and have had nothing but good experiences!

I'm hoping for 400

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Some more goodies arrived today. Supercharger lubricant, SVT Focus pump and a GlowShift boost gauge.

Still waiting on injectors, IAT relocation and the new gauge pod. Plan is to install on Thurs/Fri and take it to get tuned 10:30 Sat morning!


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Quick update. It is currently 1:27 and I get off at 5pm. The install beings tonight.

Also, I am switching from 39# injectors to 42# ones. I will be sure to post up pics of the install and a video of the dyno and the results on Saturday

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Started the install Thursday at 5, finished it Friday morning. We rode up with it on the trailer to Powercurve Motorsports on Saturday morning. First pull on the dyno it put down 357. Final number for the day was 390. Eric and Rob are awesome guys and they did a very thorough tune on the car. Drive-ability couldn't be any better and it runs perfect!

As usual, I'm always a slacker when it comes to taking pictures of the install, so I don't have much to share in that area lol, but I will upload the very few I have tomorrow.

Here is the final graph and a video of the first pass


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Thanks guys!

what other forums are you on? ..I swear I have seen your car before.

I am on SVT Performance and Modded Mustangs! I don't post much though. I mainly creep lol

Here are some pics:

42# injectors and 39#ers


Removed the intake


Put the charger on





I plan on getting some t bolt clamps because those worm clamps just look hideous! Also going to powder coat the discharge tube gloss black.

On the trailer!


Yep, she's still back there!


On the rollers !


- - - Updated - - -

Oops! I forgot to post this one up. I picked up a teksid block yesterday for the price of FREE


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I am on SVT Performance and Modded Mustangs! I don't post much though. I mainly creep lol


I may have seen you on SVTP a while back then. I don't come on there anymore though. I didn't like the crowd there

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The plastic intake manifold bit the dust. I was changing my spark plugs on Sunday morning when I noticed it. The hose was barely hanging on to the plastic. So she is tore down now. Just got my new gaskets. New intake manifold should be here tomorrow. I was going to get a Victor intake, but I didn't have the cash for that and a retune, so back to the ole plastic one.




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Here are some more pics as the car sits now... Cobra skirts, Bullitt scoops and Mach 1 sails are at my buddy's shop getting painted. My fiancee got me an intercooler and piping for Christmas. I am going to switch to a blow through setup.


This is the MAF I plan on going with: http://vmptuning.com/mass-air-products/hpx75mm/


Also going to drop to a 3.33" pulley and make my own powerpipe


I am still debating on whether or not I want to go with a Tial BOV or get a Vortech Maxflow... Any opinions? I want it to be loud!











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