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9838stangs summer photo shoot 2013

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The car is awesome, but the lighting is too yellow. That is a big problem when shooting in garages, because of the low-pressure sodium-filled lighting. Metal halide lights tend to be cleaner light.

What type of camera did you use? Are post-processing the images?

Either way, good job and show us more of that sexy car.

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Love your car dude! Wheres about in MN are you? I make it into the cities occasionally, will actually be over there this weekend near white bear lake.

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man i love parking garage pics!!! it would be easy to kill some of that yellow in the pics. you can tell you have a good camera though cause the garage pics are really clean vs. my camera which would look like i shot them through a dirty window, lol.

i love your car man, you already know this though :yo:

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