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NEW SECTION! Body & Paint, and a new moderator, Whipy!

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I'd like to let everyone know we added a new section today dedicated to body & paint, and we also added a new staff member, Whipy! :thumb:

He will be heading up that section so everyone is in good hands. Please feel free to ask any paint/body work-related questions there and we'll get you squared away!

Body & Paint

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aaww shit...there goes the neighborhood :bounce:

hahaaa, welcome to the badasstest mod team this side of the mississippi :)

- - - Updated - - -

Thanks, peeps. Also feel free to pm me if you've got any questions regarding paint/body work.

EDIT: Or for anything else, hell I don't care.

i might be going nuts on my beat up s10! i think you might be able to help. glad you're over here dude seriously. feels more homier.
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