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How To: Getting an unpowered car into your garage from the bottom of an inclined driveway.

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We've all been there, scratching your head while your car mocks you from the bottom of the driveway.:trollface: Just leave it there you say?! :laughing-smiley-001 ... NO! Just follow these simple steps and YOU can have the upper hand in no time at all!

Tools and Equipment.

  • Warn Winch equipped ATV (or similar), synthetic winch line preferred
  • D-rings, shackles and tow straps (as needed)
  • Employment of neighbors and relatives
  • Plenty of wheel chocks, I prefer airplane chocks.

Step One: Assessing the situation.

Take a brief minute and walk the area. Be mindful of potential hazards such as rocks, sticks and rouge animals within the load transfer area. Create a mental plan of attack, know the direction of the pull and how it can change due to sudden weather changes.

Step Two: Preparation.

Always be mindful of safety. Explore potential risks with employed staff, inform them where and when potential danger could strike. Inspect all tools and equipment, make sure they are functioning properly and are free from defects. Position equipment and staff and prepare for the pull.

Step Three: The Pull

Begin the winching the car towards the garage. Be sure to keep focus on the process itself and nothing else. Have one person steering the car and the other following the rear tire closely with a wheel chock. This is why I prefer airplane chocks, if something were to fail the chock is strong enough to hold the cars position under the sudden load. Stop and reposition equipment as required. In my specific situation my garage isn't long enough for the ATV along with everything else so we repositioned it to the backyard once the car was close to the door.

Step Four: Celebrating your Victory!

Congratulations! Now that you have successfully pulled your automobile into the garage it's time to celebrate! Open your refrigerator door and grab a couple cold ones, you earned it!








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Haha awesome thread! Jealous of the lift and the beer bottles with mug handles. Definitely no photoshop goin on in here, lol ;)

hahaha, Photoshop?! [MENTION=145]PRPVinyl[/MENTION] 's coozies come with awesome mug handles :thumbsup:

Lmao hahhahahhaha best thread ever!!!!! I think you just wanted to use your new tow hook!

Hahaha!! well.... maybe! :nod: ... but yeah pretty much!

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good work dude, how would you do it if there's no door in the back of your garage? could you mount the winch right to the side/floor of the garage?

Well of course you can!!!! :plane:


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