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need a sig

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I took alot of photos and I couldnt choose one so I will let you photoshop gurus go to town and do your thing... multiple sigs for me to choose from would be cool.
I know I have made your last two and the current one is still my favorite one I have done for you but I am going to have to bow out of this one as I am working on something big for you guys.
Should send them to me for editing first ;)
actually unedited ones are easier to work when doing the sig as it leaves more room to play with ideas, at least for me it is, the only thing I really want is a nice large clean picture everything else I want to have the option to change.
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Hey bud. Forget about me lol?

On going project, 94 cobra, r block, tfsr225, hp efi, vortech ys

Instagram @Rolocut

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Nah I haven't been on my Photoshop computer yet lol been running around. Should be able to knock it out tonight

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