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Where to buy tires?

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Anybody recommend a good place online that sells tires? I'll be gettig some after the first of the year. Looked at discount tire direct and found some NITTO 555's 255/35/18 and some 555R's 305/45/18 for $852 shipped, or go with 555's 295/45/18 for $692 shipped. I'd like to go 305 or 315 in the back, but I'm tryin to keep price down. NITTO is a good medium priced tire, and I like them. lol... Anybody know any other places to get a good deal on all 4 tires?

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I also agree that 305/45/18 is a BIG tire... I used to run 305/35/18 DR's and I thought even they had a pretty thick sidewall.

Anyway, another cheap tire place online is tires-easy.com, I have never bought from them though. Checking on there, your first option of the 255's and 305 DR's would total 851.60, so pretty much the same price, although that price is based on just cost per tire, not sure what shipping will run.

I've always bought from discounttiredirect.com and found them to have the best prices, other than a stray eBay ad here and there with a crazy deal.

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Keep an eye on Discount Tire Direct. I picked up my Nittos about a month ago. Ended up getting $40 off the price and shipping is usually free. The next closest was Summit at $100 more.

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