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The GTS Project.

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Hi, my name is Carlos, and i own a 1995 Mustang GTS 5.0 5-Speed. I bought it on my birthday after I sold a 97 cobra I had bought 2 weeks before and spun a bearing. I ended up selling the cobra for $2200 dollars, and had just received my tax return and also my birthday money. I found this car on craigslist while I was in Reno celebrating my birthday, so after I got back I immediately went to go look at it. In the description, it didn't say it was a GTS which was great, found out its 1 of 777 5-speed rio red GTS's. After coughing up the $2800, I drove it home with a big smile in my face.


Here is the car when I bought it:




After lowering it:




After putting 13" brakes, Mach 1 chin spoiler, Saleens, plasti-dip roof, and smoked headlights: 




Currently looking like this!




After 8-9 months of owning it i've put about 25-3000 dollars in cosmetics, H/C/I, suspension, Gears, and interior.

Currently the car is going to go under the knife this weekend to start the H/C/I and more.


The H/C/I will consist of 

-Trick Flow street burner intake

-Prof. Products elbow

-70 mm Throttle body

-Trick Flow 1.7 Roller Rockers

-Edelbrock #60329 stud-mount, 170cc aluminum heads

-Ford racing hardened pushrods

-180 thermostat

-new motor mounts

-xp3924 autolite spark plugs

-ford racing wires

-new radiator, hoses, and clamps

-Sprectre air filter

-Pro-M mass air meter for 24lb.

-24lb injectors

-Aeromotive AFR

-walbro 255lph fuel pump







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Car looks good Carlos! Good choice in hoods ;) though I'm a little biased :D great progress so far, you'll love the car even more after a hci.

I like this recent influx of pushrods :)

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i never really looked into the GTS...what's different about them?

The gets is basically the bare bones gt. No leather, manual window crank, manual locks, no spoiler, idk what else but it's Base base gt

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i never really looked into the GTS...what's different about them? 

no fog lights, no spoiler, no rear defrost, no power windows, no power locks, no power seats, V6 seats, 5 spd manual, 16" 5 spoke rims, 3.27 gear optional.


The GTS was only a 94-95 option, and the discontinued the name in 96.  BUT, from 96-98 you could still get the option code 248a, which was the same as the GTS.  My 95 was a GTS, and the 96 i have now is a 248a optioned car (GTS if you will).

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Yes exactly what ^ said basically a v6 body with a v8!

Its pretty quick for what it is, I heard these cars weigh about 31-3200 lbs and ive deleted the a/c and im about delete the smog pump while I put the heads on.

Unfortunantly, I sold the hood because it needed alot of work, so the stock hood is on there now.

ill post pics of the hci install when im done, hopefully the motor has good compression first.

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