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Hick's 2002 Mustang GT

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Well I introduced myself back in the welcome thread.  I found this site from Prokiller.  I'm more of a drag racer at heart considering I've been brought up around bracket racing which is what I do when I can when it comes to racing.  There isn't much known about my mustang out there because I try to keep it on the downlow.  It's not like it's stupid power or crazy times but it's a shocker for when I run people.  In the mustang world it's a sleeper status to most people.  It doesn't have the overplayed Cobra bumper swap, or anything fancy to make it stand out.  It literally from the ouside looks like a regular GT that's lowered with a Mach 1 chin spoiler and a catback.  The picture you see below is exactly the way it sits.






As I said this thing doesn't have a lot of mods or power.  Everything on the car is bone stock besides what's below.  So what's done to it?


Vortech V1

42lb injectors with Division X pump

Ford Racing trans cooler

3.73 gears

3200 stall converter by Freak Show Performance

245/45/17 Nitto 555r on stock bullits


The power is pushing out at 347whp/333tq.  Best time to date with those mods is 12.17@110.


Probably the only goal I have with this car is to get into the 11s and put doubters to sleep who said I can't do it with a 245 drag radial.  I'm close and if I can muster up the money and not spend it on my other car, I may be able to do it this year.

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i didn't realize you got the stall install Rob.  how's it working out so far?


It's phenominal.  When the car hooks, it's fucking amazing.  Best 60' with the time is 1.65.  You definitely have to give it a little more gas to get it moving in normal driving conditions but still gets decent gas mileage.


Also from that pick it looks mint, and is kind of, but it has 109k miles and has its fair share of daily driving abuse.

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Thanks everyone for the kind words.  Most say just slap some drag wheels on it but that's taking the easy route.


I did find a wheel and tire set up that I'm looking to pick up real soon.  I just need to get rid of the Pro Stars I have currently.  These are the wheels on the sellers car now.  He plastidipped them black.





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Not sure of the fronts but the rears are 275/60/15 which might be a little too big for my car.  I will only be able to find out once I get them.


that's smaller than my rears Rob and other than bottoming out, they fit in there fine.  you're not as low as i am so it shouldn't be a problem.

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Nothing has happened with my car recently.  I have a 3.33 pulley and power pipe to put on the car but just haven't messed with it.  I'm almost considering to wait on an intercooler first.  Either way I took the car out to the track again for the first time since last year when I got my best time.  I only hooked once out of four passes which I cut a 1.70 60' and went 12.34, which was decent, but something wasn't right on the top end only trapping 105 when earlier was trapping 110.  I don't know if something is giving way, but as of now it's parked for awhile either way.  This was on the 245s again by the way.

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RYAN!!! haha.  The baby is doing well.  Going through the difficult stage right now at 6 weeks, but doing well.  Hope all is going well for you buddy.  I don't know if I'll be coming back to American Muscle at all now.

how goes the new job?  that the reason?

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