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has anyone ever bought rims from this website?

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Still looking around for future wheels :)

Want to plan out what kind to get, found this website but has anyone ever bought soms from here?

I was looking at bullit rims but all mustangs have them... the cobra r rims look nice, I was thinking deep dish in the back and regular ones in the front :)

are they good quality?


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never bought from them but i don't think a cobra r wheel would look right if only the rears had a dish.  looking at the link you provide, all of them have a dish.

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Cjpony parts is a vendor on here....steve can you hook you up a little bit with the forum discount. If you want the wheels to sit flush you've got to run staggered wheels. And what wheels to run, well that's ultimately your decision. It is your car

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found this but they are $900 each!!!! There crazy lol

This is ths type of style I like


Found this ones



But couldnt find it on 17s...

I would need 18x9/10

If I cant find any of those this would be my last option


For tires im looking at 255/440r17 front

295/40r17 or 305/40r17 for back

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Here's some deep dish rears and non deep dish fronts.

Black 95 Cobra R's


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that's still a dished cobra r on the front, not the traditional cobra r style wheel.  doubt you'll find a 17" with a deep dish.  dished cobra r's are typically going to be 18s

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Sorry if the links I posted dont work but heres a pic of the type of rims I like but can't find 17s with 17x9/10.5 for the tires in front 255/40r17 and for rear I was looking at 295/40r17 or 305/40r17

The name of the rims are

black foose nitrous wheels


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I run 275 upfront and 315 in the back. If you do 315s in the back you will either have to run a 3/8 spacer or flip your quad shocks around

I removed my quad shocks and put on good control arms. And my 315's didn't require a spacer.

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oh Wow I didnt know that

Thats cool though thanks for letting me know

And how does the car handle with that much rubber?


poorly. the tires I used were some of the cheapest available. I am also not concerned about handling. The car is built to go straight, really fast.

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