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Black & Red

30 Minute Brake Caliper Painting:

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My 2001 GT was a factory black car. We recently painted it with Glasurit 55 Line products using 2014 Ferrari Nero Pastello Black. The painted on stripe was done in Glasurit 90-A-335 High Intensity Red. After I got it painted, it just seemed like red calipers would be the obvious choice.





I didn't want to use BC/CC on the calipers, so I set out to find an engine enamel that would be a close match. I tried every red engine enamel that I could find. 





Dupli-Color Chrysler Red (center) was a close, though not exact match.




Next I pulled the calipers and swapped on new rotors. I bead blasted the caliper bracket, then installed new pins/bellows with fresh synthetic grease. I taped off the parking mechanism, since you cannot see it through the wheel. I did the work in the driveway at night, so I warmed up the paint in a bucket of hot water and warmed up the metal parts with a heat gun.




The flash gave the paint a more orange hue in this photo. Rotors are premium parallel ground stock replacements from Centric with ceramic





Not too bad for a quickie. They look like they had been completely disassembled.




Next I will do the fronts!!!!!!

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