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BoostdSN's Turbo 94 Fix It Again Tony build!!

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Hey Hey!! Thanks for the add! My name is Michael, kickin it in good ol GA. I am a shop and marketing manager for a window film and Auto shop called Sunshield Auto. My current setup is a 94 Gt with P Heads, Gt40 Upper/Lower, stock internals with big fuel system and an ON3 Performance Turbo kit. Five speed has been swapped with a built 4r70w full manual valve body with electronic o/d and l/u. lots of new things to come by February including but not limited to a 331 and Turbo upgrade on E85. Car is tuned with Moates QuarterHorse and Binary Editor, all was purchased from Chris at Power Adder Solutions currently still learning. I will try my best to post fabout the previous build. I have had many fox body cars, this being my first Sn and have been very happy with it. It was bought about 5 years ago now with 38,000 miles on it from a friend of mine after I had already went to pick up another fox. came back and told him I have to have it. The car was stock for the most part besides a gear and a shifter. I drove it for about 2 months telling myself this thing is to clean to start playing with right now!! That didn't last long at all! Before you know it I had put a 75 shot on it the next weekend it went to 100 and then 175!! All being on a stock setup still with a stock air box. I had my first nitrous backfire at the track and blew the stock air box to pieces. had a good friend of mine Brian Anderson who had been there testing an old car of ours with a new setup had some duck tape to fix it up for the ride home! LOL A few months went by and we got another SN in the shop that had a 347 with a S-trim on it and a ported gt40 on it. It went right on the next weekend. Eric Brooks from Brooks Speed had been my tuner since he was pretty local and is the man when it comes to crunching out power where its needed. We had the car running 14psi with a 3.3 upper and renegade lower pulley. The blower setup stayed on for a good while until last October and for the past year the car has been a non stop turbo build and couldn't be happier with how fun it has been!! Stay tuned and I will try my best to keep you guys up to date with whats going on!!!! If any of you race you can find us at a few of the True Street/ NMRA events along with LIGHTS OUT and NO MERCY races at SGMP! You guys can find me on Instagram @Mdyer20



Lets start from the first month of ownership!!





The Nitrous Kit was the first thing I added to the car when I first bought it. It was fun for the most part.. Cost me to much money in the long run. $35 bucks every weekend twice a week to fill a bottle up didn't last to long!




Away with the Nitrous! Lets make some Boost!!!

The bottle was fun no doubt! When the car came around that had the blower setup I just had to have it! So along came a Vortech S-Trim supplied with a 3.3 upper and an 8" lower renegade pulley. I also opted out for some GT40 P heads that I had sitting around and a ported Gt40 lower with a cobra upper. Got some 42# injectors and a 255lph walbro pump. Thinking that on previous cars we had ran fine with that setup... right?? wrong!  I played around with the car a few times before It was tuned and yeah blew a few sets of head gaskets. no big deal. can replace those jokers like a champ now! Eric Brooks from Brooks SPeed had been tuning our cars for a while and wanted to work on the tune. Did a few pulls and it was running out of fuel quick. We thought surely it should be enough fuel. but I didn't have a regulator and didn't realize that the car was making 14psi!! Whoa! we left the boost alone because who doesn't like to roll around in a stock bottom end car on 14psi?! lol I added an in-line pump while at the shop and we pulled it again! MONEY!!! Car ran great! Stock T5 didn't last very long. So spent some Benjamins on a fully built T5 with assorted parts from  Texas Speed and Astro Performance.






Its TURBO TIME!!!!!! :D  :2thumb: 

Ok so... the power adders just keep coming! The whine of the supercharger was absolutely amazing! definitely a neck breaker! It stayed on the car from 2010 to October 2013. It was time to put a snail on it. The blower setup I got the car to run a 12.1 at 117 on a hard tire and 18s. best 60ft was a 2.3. Wish I had put it on a drag radial and really let it eat but could never get the ol T5 to hold up long enough or a clutch. When October rolled around I threw the blower up for sale and it was sold in a few hours. I had been talking to Chris at Power Adder Solutions about an ON3 Performance Turbo Kit. I did a good bit of research on the system before purchasing thinking of how can people be bashing this thing. Its affordable and seems legit. A good bit of the forums I had looked at where people had installed seemed as if they had little or no knowledge of mechanics or the know how to be able to modify something and fabricate to make something work if needed. I sold the blower and the next day called Chris back and BOOM Turbo kit was on the way! I ordered an HPX 5000 Slot style meter and Moates QuarterHorse with BE for tuning.


I got some goodies!!!!



The Kit install was pretty straight forward. I was satisfied with the overall quality of the kit especially for having $1500 in a full system. The Blow off and Wastegate seemed to be a Tial replica. granted I already had a fuel system. I added a lot of extras along the way including D.E.I Titanium Wrap,  D.E.I Titanuim Blanket, fasteners, New V-Band Clamps, I cut the downpipe to fit better and have less stress with the Y-pipe. Scored some SLP LM2's for the cheap cheap BNIB!


I 've got some auto parts in there for some reason!!!!! ;)




I had some HELP along the way!!!!






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Yes more helper shots! What's the specs going to be with the new 331???

331 is a chamfered block with Eagle RA. nothing crazy just a little more cubic inch to play with.




Does the ON3 kit come with that installation helper?  :o

I wish It did my friend. It came with it that time but haven't seen it since. I threw the crazy stuff out the door!! :blink:



Misleading title.  I clicked for a boosted 94 FIAT ;)

LOL watch the first episode of King of the Hill!! :D

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