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Can I separate trunk skin from bracing?

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as long as its hollow all the way to the seam weld. i did a tailgate skin on my old s10. all i did was grind the seam weld down and pry here and there. time consuming


Cool, thanks. I figure I might need to keep some of it, but I'll at least be cutting out some of it. We'll see. Big plans for next year, just need motivation.

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i'm intrigued by what this project could entail.  for the life of me though i can't see any use in just a skin.  why not just get a second lid and swap it over?

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I want to find a cheap trunk to mess with so I can keep mine intact.


I'm not going into detail because I'm not sure how this will work out. Also, it will be a while until this happens (if it does). I've learned to use the word "if" with everything I want to do, lol! Just compiling ideas. ;)

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