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Went racing this weekend for the 14th Annual ABM Nats at Cecil County.  230 cars 500+ spectators and a lot of breaking.  Means I made two hits because both times I sat in the lanes for over 2 hours lol.  My first hit was dedicated to my "son" that passed this year as he never got a chance to go racing with me.   12.50 @ 111mph with a 1.67 60'.    No 2 step as it caught fire this summer and I sat so long in the lanes my focus went to shit on top of the emotional overload I was feeling at that time thinking about what this run was for.


Non CJ Video for now. 



Oh and I will be buying a large poster size version of this shot my girl Kelly got.  Definently ground clearance this time.







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congrats on the new pb i was going to come down to cecil last weekend, but ended up running at mason dixon instead i went 11.4@122 in my 12

Thanks.  As much as we would of loved to have more people you were probably getting more runs in there than you would of at Cecil this year.  This is the first year I have seen it run this slow.  There were a lot of new kids working there which I think had a lot to do with it.


Been years since I've been to Cecil. I've sat in staging lanes for way too long, way too many times. I definitely know the feeling. Sounds like a great time though.

It was a good time for a great cause.  I'll post up more infomation in a minute.  I have never sat in the lanes this long before.  I don't think in the last 6 years I have gone I have sat in the lanes that long combining all my times together as I dd this past weekend lol.


Damn, not too often you see a 12 second run with air under the tire! That thing must launch hard!

This car doesn't mess around  we have it gutted bigs and littles, and a few little mods and that's it.  This isn't the first time the wheels have been yanked but it was my first confirmed one.  She does launch hard.  I drop the hammer usualy around 5500-6200.


Here is a shot I took of Bill in it a few years ago when he yanked them hard.



We had 229 cars and over 550 spectators on the property!

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Yea I remember when bill used to race that and his old car quick huh

qwikhuh was there rocking 10's with the new owner who has done a lot of work since he bought it from Bill a few years ago.


is that pretty common? to sit for a couple hours waiting to race? or "run" or wtf ever you call it lol. that would be brutal on a hot ass day i bet. 

NO not at all, a lot of the crew was new and seemed to not know how to keep the flow of traffic going down the track and we had quite a few breaks from rods flying out of the block to blocks just exploding to a fluid of some sort coming out of the car.  This caused us to do a lot of 1 lane racing.  I usually make 6-7 hits at this event each year if that tells you anything and that is just me taking it easy and letting the car cool down.  Guys that hot lap can almost get double that in a day.

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