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The "I just finished my build and now I'm starting another" thread...

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I think I'm going to be biting the bullet on a Dart SHP block with the 4.125" bore in a couple of weeks.  I've regretted not doing a stronger block since I've started dumping money into it.  I've wanted to build a 363 for  a while and I think I'm going to finally do it.  Obviously, I'll have a new rotating assembly but at least I'll get to reuse a couple of parts.  I'm running AFR 195's (the 58cc version), the Holley Systemax, and a couple of other parts that I should be able to use.  @Det_Riot , what setup are you running exactly?

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very cool what pistons do you have now? i need a set of 347 pistons to freshen up a 342 i have


I'll have to check the specs on them, I honestly can't remember!

I know exactly the feeling you have, although I haven't had the funds for a Dart yet, and likely won't for a very long time lol. A 363 is perfection IMO.


I don't plan on this one being a quick build at all.  When I started the build, I planned on the car being a DD, and now it's nowhere near it.  I wish I would've done it in the beginning so I didn't have to go back on what I've already done. 

sounds cool man its in my long term goals.


It's been a goal of mine as well!  I just wish I would've done it sooner.

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