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Knuckles 96' Cobra Project

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So Im hoping this is the last place I put up my build thread ive already put it up on more sites than I care to recall. First Ill give some history on my car and the build something I dont think Ive ever shared on a forum.

Ive owned the Cobra for coming up on 10 years now since I was 18. It started out as your typical bolt on car, it was my first dealing with a 4.6 DOHC for a personal car up to that point the other Mustangs id owned were all pushrod 5.0s or in the case of my first car a 73 Mach1 a 351 Cleveland. Stock I ran the car at the track on street tires and some rather ugly and heavy rims it came with at a 14 flat. After all the bolt ons and on a drag radial the best I ever got out of her was a 12.80 and some change. Not the fastest car ive owned for sure. The build started out when I lost my license while going to school at UTI in Glendale Heights Illinois. After getting arrested for the umtenth time I finally put the car away in the garage and started riding my GXR to school. One of my good friends at the time worked at a machine shop and did some great port work for the shop he worked at and thats how the project started, originally all we were going to do was take the heads off go threw them and bolt it all back together again. We started on a Friday after school....on Sunday night most of my engine lay in pieces on the garage floor, we may have gotten a bit carried away with it. I had a decent job at the time and some money put away so I decided to do something different at the time atleast by my standards as it was 2003/04 when the Terminators were first making the 4.6s an actually popular engine to work on, I decided to build my engine. There werent a whole ton of shops available for advice on what to do but on that was definetely helpful was Sean Hyland. Once I decided to build the engine on it I decided then and there that I wanted a drag car to trailer to the track and back. I had other cars for street cars I wanted this one to be it for me.

The plan was rather simple atleast I thought ID build a somewhat higher compression engine with nitrous. I planned on staying stick shift with it. I sourced most of my parts from Livernois Motorsports and SHM. The longblock was put together by a shop in Chicago called Street Stuff they were popular for building some sick Renegade cars back then. Ill put the list of parts later on in the thread. From there the build halted for a while as I finished school and started working alot more and was doing stuff with my other cars at the time. I did end up buying a nitrous kit for the car, I went with a direct port setup and had SHM turn my manifold into an SRI and to plumb the kit for me.






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Well to no ones surprise the cars plans changed again and again over the years from an N/A beast to selling my engine and putting a SBF in it to selling the whole car outright. In the winter of 2010 I decided to finally finish my car after alot of procrastination over the years. The plan changed yet again I bought a Hellion turbo kit with a 76mm turbo, I decided to dump the idea of going stick and go for an auto. Almost as soon as I had gotten my turbo kit all taken care of and paid for.........I changed the plan again. An offer fell into my lap that I just couldnt pass up. Michael Eames AKA BlownStang01 on alot of forums was running a 4.6 stock c heads cobra manifold stock and in a 3300 pound notchback using an Procharger F2m, his best put him in the top 15 fastest 4.6 DOHC list going 8.3 at 163 on 28 PSI. He decided to redo his setup and run a different class were he could run the biggest of an F1R, so I got the opurtunity to get his one off kit for my car a cog driven f2m with a one off bracket system with a crank snout support that makes this kit amazing. He had 2 head units and I picked up the one that had just been gone threw by Procharger recently. Now the idea is to go as fast or faster thean he went as my setup is a bit more radical and less weight than the setup he was running.

The plan is to run in local class stuff in Arizona Fastest Street car outlaw class, and run in the PSCA in Vegas likely in the Mustang Madness class. Both of these classes have an E.T limit of 8.50 which is fine with me, after i get the times lip I want with me running my car all out pulling it back and bracket racing it while its safe and reliable is ideal to me. I had my car at First Performance/Brooks Racing and I had a falling out with the owner which left me with my car at the end of last year needing to be finished up. I recently got together with another shop named Vindictive Motorsports and have worked out a sponsorship deal to finish up my car and to represent the shop when I race. The car is set to go out to the new shop mid August to finally get her running. Things that are left to do right now is wiring, procuring a drive shaft, running my fuel lines and tuning it. Anyways enough with the boring stuff hopefully no one fell asleep on me =P.


4.6 Teksid Block stock bore

cobra forged crankshaft knife edged

Manley H beam rods

Diamond Custom Pistons compression is 10:1

ARP everything

Ported and Polished Heads, i cant remember the exact amount but they did do a valve job on it

FR 500 Cams and Valvetrain

Block Girdle although for the life of me i cant remember the company whos' piece it is

MMR 7 QT. deep sump oil pan

MMR RTS Sheet metal Intake manifold

MMR Racing Oil Pump and Gear

Rear End:

Stock 8.8

Moser Spool

strange 33 Spline Axles

C-Clip eliminator kit

FRPP SVO cover



Full Q A1 K member and A arms

Removed cobra sway bar

Maximum Motorsports Coil overs

Lakewood 90/10 struts

GRIPP Caster Camber plates


Strange 10 way adjustable shocks

Team Z Anti Roll Bar

Team Z Upper Control arms(relocated Brackets) adjustable

Team Z lower adjustable control arms

Power Adder:

Procharger F2M

Water 2 Air intercooler

Frozen Boost reservoir and water pump

Fuel System:

Trick Flow 120# flow matched injectors

Weldon 2035

Weldon Regulator

RCI 5 Gal Fuel Cell


Coan built Powerglide

J.W Cert. Bellhousing

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Very nice knuckles should haul ass. I'm going to max out the Ysi this year and hopefully get the new Vortech xb-105 with an a/w intercooler late next yr. Keep me updated maybe we can go to the track together

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Well per usual life found a way to fuck me AGAIN, due to reasons that involve the womans family it look slike i need to put the finishing touches on hold till January at the latest. Im going to go ahead and purchase all the parts that i still need I.E convertor and tuning software and driveshaft and others bits and pieces. It sucks but meh I almost expected it since it was getting so close.


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cleaned up underhood a bit im getting antsy. with the money i saved buying my standalone I might be able to get her into the shop sooner, I have the injector driver in course right now to me and I will be getting the GM 3 bar map sensor as well. Other little touches that im thinking about doing is making a lexan front window for my car. It doesnt have one right now so why not lessen the weight by I think its atleast 30 pounds.


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started taking off all the stickers on the body, havent decided on the rear glass but then again i dont know that ill be using the stock glass out back anymore so it may not matter. it will be getting a custom vinyl from vindictive thatll likely be huge on the door.


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