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The Lion King Rises

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Awesome lol, lion king is super old school, I saw it in the theater as a kid. Someone has a LOT of free time to put that together lol.

Ah the old days of VHS... I remember wanting to see a movie when it was in the theater and we would just barely miss it, then had to wait like a year and a half for it to come out on video, lol. Now it's like 1-2 weeks it seems lol.

Actually I kind of miss video rental stores, anyone else? Not sure why but I always liked going to the video store.

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I remember going to see that. damn that was a long time ago

I was worn out on that movie LOOOOOOONG before it was ever released. It was the summer of my second freshman year of college when it came out and I was working in the back or toys r us loading/unloading trucks. The movie was still not released but of course disney had secured that all the damn elton john songs from it were on heavy rotation which meant one of them played every 15 mins. We discovered that if we left the intercom phone off the hook that it would kill the music, music was normally off by 17 mins after opening followed by the manager running from phone-to-phone-to-phone......

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