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Cobra R Hood

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Please tell me there is someone out there who can help me with my issue.. I have the 99 and i just got my new cobra r hood BUT it doesn't have the hood stud or bolts that my stock hood has to connect to the brackets so my question is how do i install this hood??

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On 2/12/2017 at 10:50 AM, Evilcw311 said:

Are you 100% positive it's a bolt on hood and not a pin on??  


Who/where did you get it??


12 hours ago, 95riosnake said:

Sounds like a pin on hood to me also...


10 hours ago, Josh@RideTech said:

Can you post a link to what hood you bought?


x's 4

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11 hours ago, Joosebox22 said:

and my new hood isnt metal iys fiber glass


12 hours ago, Evilcw311 said:

My hood didn't have studs. It had threaded inserts that you run bolts into. I can't tell from your pic if those inserts are metal and if they are threaded. 


and whatever you do, do not try to use that hood without proper hood pins in the front or aerocatch latches 


I can't tell if they're threaded inserts either, they kind of look like regular drilled holes.  

Definitely going to be alot safer running hoodpins on that hood.  

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For reference, here's a pin on hood. It's literally pinned (or bolted) on from the outside. Usually attached with dzus fasteners like this one. If yours is a standard bolt on hood then you'll still want hood pins/latches at the front for security. 

Image result for pin on hood

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5 hours ago, Joosebox22 said:

so a pin on hood is how the hood that you sent me goes all the way around like that??

Yes. There's a couple different ways to do it, but that's the usual way (for drag cars at least). Pin on hoods also may not have provisions for a hood latch or hinges.

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doesn't look like the hood you bought is a pin on.  when you take it to the body shop, they should be able to put in threaded inserts if it doesn't have any.  from your pic, it doesn't look like it does.

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