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Another Build Thread... Why Not

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switching over from sn95fourm gonna try to copy over as much as possible


So I guess I'm gonna do another build thread for my new car since I like it so much lol. Well here it is 97 gt got in in a trade for my old fox with 1200 on my end so I said screw it I'll take it




Sooo it's a 97 248a car 5 speed pretty much stock when I got it all that was done was a ram clutch, Hurst short throw, shaved rear bumper, a muffler delete and he cut the stock springs. Still had all the cats on it!! Love finding stock cars. The only issue with the car is the left side of the cluster doesnt work. So first things first put some real springs on it and of course the struts are shot. After the real springs were installed found a o/r x pipe and ordered some pypes m80s for it. Muffler ended up not being near as loud as I wanted with the stock flow tubes so was pretty disappointed about that


So trying to figure out what wrong with the cluster pulled it out and found a messed up wire on the back


So got a cluster from a friend hoping it would fix no luck. Found out when you fill it up the gauges go to half way and stays there for a like 75 miles then it goes down. So ordered a new sending unit to replace the old one and hopefully fix the problem all together

So last weekend I took Tally_4.6 to pick up his new bbs Rk's and decided on the way back that I was gonna buy his old wheels for my car. Here's how that turned out






So after this I went a little crazy with buying visual parts parts for the car haha. Picked up a cobra cluster for 20 bucks


This yesterday and today I got all this



Scrolling through ebay ended up finding a full slp cat back for 300 bucks to replace my m80s that weren't loud enough lol. got a mach 1 lip, new sending unit for the car, new shocks and struts, Leds to replace the cluster ac switches and tag lights and only thing I'm still waiting on in my s281 wing should be here next week I hope before the big mustang round up next weekend


So finally got to see what the led's look like in the Cobra cluster and have to say i think they look better in this on then the gt ones I've done




Well finally got all my stuff put on and have to say car looks way better now then it did on day one




Well did the free 3rd brake light mod today #itsthelittlethings lol


And got my fuel gauge working whoop whoop thanks to mcglsr2 helping me out


Now just get the coolant gauge working

Wooooo figured out my cluster problem and now all my gauges work. Apparently the cluster that was in my car and the extra one I picked up were both from a 98 and found out on a 98 cluster you have to switch two of the wires around to make it read so did that and BAM now know how how my engine is and how much gas I have


Well went to the local mustang round up over the weekend with some members on here Tally_4.6 J_Sty_ alex302 we all won gold in judging on our cars was a good time








Well picked me up some new seats today finally getting the new edge seats that sit to high in my car out



Well so much for the seats sitting lower like sn95 seats do lol but there comfy look better then stock seats



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Well cars going wingless and mirrorless for a little bit parts going out for Paint in the next couple days




Well after I get my wing and mirrors back gonna be dropping my front bumper off to be redone too and hoping I can find a cowl hood to have the guy paint while he's doing the bumper well see how that goes

Finally got my pieces back from paint look so much better paint matched instead of black




Should be getting some more goodies in the next few days excited


Picked these bad boys up yesterday for 100 bucks and there brand new!!



So me and Tally_4.6 picked up this score yesterday aje k member with arms new caster camber plates and motor mounts for $500. Arms are $400 alone new with the spring perches. all the parts a dirty but brand new only been put in the car with no motor or anything



Now that I have my k memeber and arms just needs some coilovers and a mid pipes for long tubes and I'll be ready to swap it all

Got a nice little stock plie of parts sitting here hoping to get the last few things I need soon so I can get this swap started


Sneek peek of what me and Tally_4.6 drove forever and a day to get more pics later


Well got the front seats wanna dye the top half of my rear panels black tomorrow then the rear seats will be in

Here's how they look now


Ok finally got to finish up two toning and putting my rear seats in. Have to say loving the way the Cobra seats look in the car





Well not much has been going on just drop my front bumper off to get fixed and painted so there won't be anymore giant paint chip missing



Wooo feel like it's been forever since I made a post finally got my bumper back took a little longer then expected whoever painted the bumper just put paint straight on the plastic with no prep so it was starting to chip off everywhere so had to be taken back down to the plastic and start from fresh. Sadly I think the rear is gonna need the same one of these days





Gonna ba rolling the fenders finally tomorrow also



Well fenders are rolled and ready for my other tires hoping to be installed next week finally. Glad the rubbing is gone



Well my local club had a beach meet this past weekend had a pretty good turn out like 30 Cars or so








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And just found a deal on some cobra brakes 200 bucks Shipped to me with drilled and slotted rotors and ebc pads



So me and a buddy of mine picked up this wrecked cobra today to part out


Needless to say I'll be doing a 4v swap in my car one of these days


Has underdrive pulleys a tune and longtube's but I don't think I'm gonna take the longtube's might taken the aluminum driveshaft instead

Well got the brakes cleaned up and installed today come to find out the rotors are brand new so got a pretty good deal on them


Don't mind the paint on the rotors lol

Also started messing with the parts cobra got everything cleaned up in front of the motor fixed a couple wires new coil and it fired first flick of the key not bad for sitting for a month or so


So not much been going on lately just been tearing the parts cobra apart hoping to get the motor out next weekend

Did manage to trade my stock head lights for some nice smoked ones and im.glad I did cause it changes the whole car




Picking up a 2000s cobra r hood tomorrow hopefully for 50 bucks then it's gonna go to my paint guy to get rid of the hood pins holes and paint match it should look pretty good on the car



Well the Cobra motor is just about ready to come out then after that it's gonna get a good cleaning blast and paint the longtube's new gaskets paint imrc delete egr delete and cooling head mod figured might as well do it all while it's out



Well got the motor pulled today. pulled the intake and valve covers off to clean up and paint. Removed the egr and what ever that other emmisions thing on the front is and plugged the holes in the headers. next weekend I'll be degreasing the motor and cleaning it up to get some paint on it also




Also got some goodies for the swap new Ford racing throw out and pilot bearing


Egr delete was ordered today and I picked up a set of imrc deletes for 50 bucks!!



Well cleaned up the intake and valve covers and got them painted up decided to try the Wrinkle paint on them looks pretty good to me imo





Got my egr delete today pretty nice piece for 9 bucks



Well yesterday got the imrc deletes installed painted the lower part of the intake put it all back together next week gonna decrease the motor paint it paint the headers and put the intake and valve covers back in



Well this happened yesterday wasn't digging the aje k memeber to much I was way different then the other ones so I decided to get one that was more like the stocker insted so I spent the 258 on this and figured I could sell mine and make my money back



Well I got my k memeber in the mail today


Gonna start pulling the motor this weekend and trying to get the k memeber swapped so next weekend hopefully get the 4v in


Well took the last drive with the ol 2v today. Time for operation Fobra


Finishing up putting it back together just need to do the oil pan rear main and paint the headers



Well got the 2v out today




Tomorrow I'm gonna clean the engine bay and install the tubular k memeber then set the 4v back in hopefully


Operation fobra day 2 was a good one resealed the oil pan new rear main new pilot bearing new throw out bearing. Tublar k memebr installed then tbe motor and of course cause it florida the rain stopped us. Hoping to have it finished up next weekend






Decided I didn't like the whole grinding of the arms so I sold my buddy my old motor if he bought me some coilover sleeves and springs so those should be here this week and I get my tublar arms put on with it

And really hoping to get my hood back soon cause the stock one isn't even close to fitting


Coilovers showed up today whoop whoop now I just need it to be Monday so I can start working on it again



Well got my tubular front end and coilovers installed today


Poor brakes lol

Also got the car running today whoop whoop all I got left is one small coolant leak and get a alignment


Got the last piece of the puzzle today just need it to be Monday again so I can finish it lol



Picked up my hood today also it's missing the plate for The latch so I wasn't able to mount it but I had to set it on there to see it look so good




Found out today that the arms that I had were fox body and why my tires are sticking in quite a bit so gonna be ordering the right arms soon and hopefully can order my piece for my hood soon too



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Well I got the new quick latch hood pins installed today they look great on there compared to normal hood pins


And I also got my correct control arms in today need to install those eventually


Need to get some good pictures of my car now


Also had my tumbler cup paint matched to my car looks sweet




Oh and I forgot to mention about my rear control arms I got for free that had broken sway bar mounts had a buddy of mine make some new sway bar mounts for me and weld them on should be stronger now then what they were


Mmmmm weld porn

And his some pictures of the way the car sits now with the new hood on it




Haven't been doing much lately to the car just picked up this svt sticker for the gauges. I like it cause it looks more like the newer cobra gauges. Other then that just been driving the car around I'm hoping to do some gears one of these days



Well finally got around to installing the correct control arms arms today

Yep that was the problem (fox body arms was told they were sn arms) emoji58.png






Now she's sitting right and turning good


Now just to order my bump steer and get another alignment


Forgot to post some pictures of the car and Tally_4.6 at a local car show we went to



Dat slp lyfe







Went and found some back roads this weekend made for some pretty good pictures






Picked this bad boy up today for 100 bucks fr500 steering wheel got another air big for free cause mines cracked and peeling but it's so dirty idk if I will be able to get it to clean up



Well scrolling through Craigslist last night found guy selling a complete charcoal gray interior for 200 bucks that's in good shape. Finally get rid of the horrible saddle and get me some cup holders and my seats will match finally woo


Finally got around to fixing my temporary fix on the coil pack wires that got messed up from the wrecked cobra I got the motor from. Found out all of those wires but one with slices were only holding on by one strand of wire. Soldered heat shrieked and wrapped back up also replaced the coils hoping to fix the miss helped some but it's still there now to buy wires. Also the tiny Crack in the radiator that I keep forgetting about has gotten pretty bad so gonna be ordering a 3 core probably on black Friday once I see what deals are going on



Well seen that lmr started there black Friday sale already any of course the radiator was on there so went ahead and ordered it along with a shift knob they had half off since I've been rocking the stock one for a long time



Well after have the stuff to put one touch windows on the passenger side for months I finally got around to installing it i missed having that on there


Also decided to start pulling out all the tan in interior in preparation for getting my charcoal interior tomorrow



Still gotta pull the dash and replace the heater core out eventually


Well went and picked up the charcoal interior today got there and the drivers side door panel was already gone but got everything else at least. We striped the car to nothing in only a hour lol only thing left was the back of the rear seat


The dash is inside and my buddy wanted the headliner and gave him the carpet also for helping me out

Went through a changed all the plugs for there newer console and extended the wiring and rewired the fog light switch (for whenever I get some and install them) also changed out the clock spring cause the old one was falling apart


And got all of if swapped besides the dash looks so much better Imo especially with the terminator seats




Well picked up a deal of a life time today lol front and rear cobra brakes with strange engineering brackets for the rear and stainless braided lines up front all for 200 bucks gonna sell the fronts keep the rears and lines and make a few bucks so the rear will be freeeeee




So new radiator came in today got it installed and cooling system bled should be good to go for a while also got my shift knob it's so much better then stock




Dash swap should be happening Monday can't wait to have that done


Picked up 3 of these today gonna mount 2 under the dash and one in the trunk and have some leds on the way for them should actually be able to see in the trunk and I just like courtesy lights under the dash



It's pretty bright with just an incandescent bulb if I kept it like this I would probably put one on the other side to make it look more even but I think once I put the LED in there it will light up the whole trunk pretty good



Well got the dash swapped out wasn't as bad as I remember only took me a few hours to do it. Will be getting my door panel Tues then I just need the door cups and vents on top of the dash cause apparently there different from the two body styles






Also got the dash lights installed just waiting for the leds to show up now



Well ordered some parts on black Friday first was the mgw and it came in yesterday. When they say you get what you pay for this is it lol nicely packed came with gasket sealer or a silicone gasket to choose what gasket you wanted for it all new bolts and tool to adjust everything it was really nice


Also finally got my driver side door panel I needed to finish my interior swap


My other black Friday item should be here sat can't wait for that one cause I've needed to replace it since I bought the car


Well finally got my other black Friday item fiber glass windsheild cowl didn't wanna get a plastic one cause didn't wanna take a chance of it cracking down the road plus wasn't trying to drop 215 bucks on one lol this was 145 shipped and it's a nice piece so ready for my shattered one to go


Also picked up this led 3rd brake light out of a parts car for freeeeeee been looking at them but never liked that they were the clear lens so decided to try the red vht night shade and looks perfect now and it's super bright



When the flash is off you can't see the leds and it looks like a normal 3rd brake light

Lit up super bright


Well finally got my cowl in was kinda a pita to install with the cowl hood ended up having to take the hood off to do it. Only thing I don't like about it is it has like 1/8 to 1/4 gap from the top of the cowl to the bottom of the windsheild it needs that rubber piece on top like the factory one has

Also painted my wiper arms they were looking pretty bad




Also finally got a cruise cable since I left the other one on the parts car I got the motor from


Also gonna be getting the cobra bumper here soon for the front for basically free



In my car related news cobra bumper will be dropped off at paint next weekend and also got cobra spare for those you never know moments. Now just to figure out how to wire up fog lights on my non fog light car


Well just ordered smoked dakota fog lights for the car and some led foglight bulbs

Well ended up stealing the engine part of the body harness off the parts cobra at my house. What I will do for fog lights to work with the factory switch lol



Well got my harness swapped today I now have foglights. Was a bit of a pita but not to bad now I just need my lights to come in and my bumper to be done getting painted then the fobra swap will be complete



Got the fogs in yesterday got the brackets bent to fit the dakota fog lights they look way better then stock can't wait to finish this all up





Well got all my leds yesterday finally for the fogs trunk and under the dash. I like the way the fogs look with them well see how bright they actually are once there on the car





So gonna be picking up some boost here soon found a deal on a intercooled vortech v1 blower comes with everthing but a charge pipe has upgraded blow off valve 2 pulleys everthing powder coated candy gold pearl (witch won't be staying) and powder coated valve covers picking it up for 1700 bucks

Guy made 526hp on 15psi and e85 I'll probably put the other pulley on and go for 425 450 Ish to start until I can build the motor one day later down the road




Well picked up the supercharger kit this weekend can't wait to get it all painted and get the few things I need and have it installed



Well decided to install the vortech crossover since I needed to change the thermostat and the bolts that hold the crossover down was kind of a pita couldn't get it to bleed but it's in there finally


Also picked up the cobra bumper today hoping to install it tomorrow morning



Got the bumper installed Sunday looks amazing have to fix the fog light on the pass side but it's in there and looking awesome just need to get some good pics now




Also had my engine detailed since I couldn't get the clay stains off it its look good again now also






Picked up some mt street comps I know there horrible traction but there Dam near brand new and they were only 120 bucks




Did some trading with the parts off the parts car (that I already made all my money back on) that me and my buddy split and got c head swap for my car. So pretty much c head swap with 9 thread heads and a mach 1 intake for freeeeeee just have to get one head fixed it has a scored bearing local machine shop quoted 400 to fix it clean the heads and do a valve Job on it. So will pretty much have 400 bucks in a c head swap



Just trying to figure out should I just don't he c head swap with the blower or wait till I build the motor down the road. Kinda leaning towards with the blower install but idk. What do you guys think?

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Well been fighting coolant issues and misfire issues the past 3 weeks noticed my thermostat was starting to stick so replaced that what I didn't know is my car had either a 160 or 170 thermostat in it. So car ran way hotter then what was no issue really. Then start driving the car and get a bad misfire come to find out injector 1 took a dump get that fixed drive it to works starts to over heat in the parking come to find out no water fill it up and started it its dripping so drive it home come to find out water pump now took a crap so so got one of those and went ahead and ordered a 170 thermostat and now seems to be all good running way cooler. Still have a small miss idk where it's coming from but I can fix that later

Replacing the injector


Replacing water the water pump


Also got my gauges in yesterday so I can have a correct coolant temp and oil psi plus also a boost gauge




Still gotta hook up the oil pressure



Was a pita to install but is way worth to know what everthing is actaully doing instead of the crap stock gauge


Finally painted my vortech and couple of pipes just need to get a charge pipe and make it match also looks way better now






Well the cooling issues have been non stop still thought I had it figured out ..... I didn't. I kept loosing water decided to do a pressure test did good only lost 1 psi in 10mins. only thing hadn't replaced was the cap so i went and bought one bled it yet again starting driving it its doing good in my head I'm thinking yes finally. Till I decided to do a pull in it slow down and pull over to check for leaks the top of the Reservoir is soaked so it's started getting warm so I putted it home. What I found out today is at high rpm it's pissing water out of the cap and it can't go any tighter.(thinking this may have been my problem the whole time here lately) So not knowing if it was the the threads on the reservoir were messed up or the new auto zone cap was junk decided to just order a alu Reservoir and a oem cap to hopefully solve my problems once and for all

On a positive note gonna be picking up a 04 mach one long block with 90k and a broke timing chain to build for my car this weekend for 450 bucks


Well most of you probably don't know I ended up finding out that during trying to fix all the coolant issues that kept popping up i blew my head gasket ( think it was when my water pump sprung a leak on the way to work) so car is just now sitting. since it's such a pain in the ass to do head gaskets in the car figured this would be the best time to get another motor and upgrade to my c head swap


I think I posted a couple post before that I found this 04 mach one motor with 90k for 450 bucks that supposedly had a loose main timing chain well I finally went and picked it up. More updates on it later




Well first think I did when I got the motor home is take the timing cover off to see what was going on and it was a broken tensioner so I figured better check the timing this is where things get weird. So set it to top dead center and checked the head with the broken tensioner and it was on the mark so check the other head and and it was about 90° out

Drivers head where it's suppose to be

Pass head about 1/4 turn off

So I already knew there was gonna be damage to that head. So pulled the head and boom


Every intake valve bent. Luckily I have another pass head from the heads I got for free so just gonna swap that and be good to go. Now drivers head can tell made contact at one time but non of the valves look bent. Gonna be getting that one check on Monday to see if there all good or not.

How it sits now

Gonna be pulling the bottom end apart tonight to check it all out im hoping that's the end of surprises on the motor that way I can clean it up and get it back together asap


Well got the bottom end apart today of course rod bearings 4 5 and 6 are trash




Got lucky and only left one small mark on the number 8 spot on the crank. Gonna polish that out before putting it back together


Also pulled the crank out checked all thoes bearings. honed out the cylinders look nice and new now then reinstalled the crank and retorqued it. Hoping to get new bearings and reinstall the pistions next weekend






Well got the crank installed back in the motor and torqued down cleaned up the motor and got it painted up along with the timinh cover and also cleaned up all the pistons and got them looking pretty


Then stripped the head down to get it readynfornthe machine shop.


Went to the machine shop yesterday and thank the Lord no bent valves. So gonna be ordering the new rod bearings tomorrow and maybe order the gasket set this week also


So got the bottom end back together last weekend expect for number 8 must have caught it just right and broke a ring :/ so gotta get a new ring for it


Ended up selling the vortech hoping to put a Eaton or some type of roots blower on the car

Also just ordered all the rest of the stuff I need to put the motor back together and found a score on some 30lb injectors and lightning mag for 90 bucks


Well round one of parts for the car came in today new motor mounts, 30lb injectors, and 90mm lightning maf. The rest should be here tomorrow and wed



Well round 2 of parts came in today oil pan gasket front and rear main seals and head bolts rest should be in tomorrow



Last and final round of parts came in today got the gasket set timing set and new pilot bearing



Only have a few little things left to get once I find them

Hoping to get the motor back together this weekend. Then hopefully next week i will be getting a slab poured at my house so I can do the swap here and be able to do all my work here instead of having to get my car towed 45 mins to a buddy's house


So got the motor pretty much back together finally just gotta put the rockers back in do the rear main, oil pan, and pilot bearing hoping to start taking apart and pulling the old motor next week



Need to repaint the timing cover too I don't like that paint.

Also picked up a throttle cable and bracket for 140 a cruise cable for 10 bucks and a c&l cold air intake for 100 getting closer hoping to make my own coil on plug harness here next week and I think I only need one more thing then it will be ready to swap


Well got the intake today made the 90mm maf work with it just need to clean the filter before it goes on the car. Love the ways these intakes look


Not much has been going on lately. Happen to get a car cover to put over the car to keep it out of the sun so much



Also got the motor almost ready to get swapped in. Just have a few things I need to figure out hoping next weekend get it put in.



Any one have any info on how to get the 97 fuel rails to work on the mach motor?


Well finally got around to start getting the motor ready to be pulled out.


All I have left to unhook is exhaust motor mounts driveshaft and tranny crossmember. Motor should be out next weekend and mach motor put in. When it will run I don't know but it will be in there

Also took the chance since the bumper was off to paint the core support since it was real faded and rusty looking looks way better now hated seeing that through the bumper



Well kinda slacked a couple days got my fuel rails modified and installed a d finished the head cooling mod



Probably not the best way but there in there and they don't move so they will work for me



Got the motor swapped today finally had to fight it but she's in. Just need to find a coolant crossover for it build a cop harness and put everything back together shouldn't be to much longer I hope








Well got to work on the car a little today starting to look normal again



It begins!!! Cop swap harness



Well that was a shit ton easier then I thought it would be. have probably less then 10 bucks and less then 2 hours in making this cop harness. Feel like I spent more time trying to get the wires in the loom then anything lol



Now just to do the car side and hopefully start it up on Monday


Well got the cop harness temporarily installed to make sure everything was correct on it before hard wiring it in. Went to start it nothing..... forgot about not having the knock sensors so waiting on the my tuner to email me a tune for that. Then it dawned on my today 2v's don't have knock sensors so I put the ecu back to stock and it fired up first click of the key. Runs like crap cause of a bunch of vac leaks and sensors unplugged but I was happy to hear it run


Won't let me post a video of it running I'll post a better one later

So close!!! Just need my tune so I can start it and make sure everything runs smooth then I have a bunch of wires to solder up (Excuse the wire nuts there for testing purposes) the one hose to fix on the head cooling mod heater hoses front bumper and try to clean Up the wiring as best as possible so I can drive it



Woo finally back together and on the ground again. Should be getting my tune today so I can finally hear it run longer then 10 seconds. Didn't like how the t for the cooling head mod came out so ordered a better one for that but other then that just some wires to solder and she's done


So got the wires all soldered up today. But car won't run even after the tune dicked with it all day sat and got nothing checked the fuel pressure it was good finally checked compression. drivers side is fine pass side has little to non. Valves were hitting before the motor went in re adjusted the Intake cam and there were good. Hoping it didn't bend any valves when turning it over by hand gonna take it back apart this week and pull the followers and check compression and see where were at


So haven't even started on taking the motor back apart yet kinda lost my drive. But got a few things today that should kick my butt in gear to get me going again

Picked up a intercooled v1 with 60lbs injectors vortech bov and lighting maf for 1000 bucks. Just need to get a blow threw maf and fuel pump and I think it will be ready to install


Also picked up a set of oem bullitt pedals for 30 bucks that I've been wanting to get. Pads are a little worn but they will work for now


And got one of those small shift lights for free


Hoping to start taking the motor back apart this week to get the head off and fixed so I can get this thing back on the road soon


Well started taking the motor back apart yesterday only have a few more things to take off to to get the head off didn't feel like laying on wet concrete so have to do the ps pump then the timing cover will come off then it's the dreaded long tube. Thank God for tubular k member. Also thinking about slapping my b head intake cams while it's all apart again do you guys think it's worth it?



So update got the head off took it to the machine shop no bent valves fml. Guy at the machine shop was dumbfounded why there was no compression. only thing he could think is the lifters wernt spongy and were locked at the top he thinks it was making the valves stay open. So now gonna bleed down all the valves make them spongy again put it all back together check compression and go from there. Hopefully that's all it is



Worked in the vice just can't go to far down or they get stuck lol had to grab a few more lifters from home to bleed down then fill them with oil again then they will be ready

Got my b head intake cams out of the old motor today and ready to swap




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that is quite a lot of work you've done on the car.  what happened to going with a eaton blower instead of the vortech?

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3 hours ago, Prokiller said:

that is quite a lot of work you've done on the car.  what happened to going with a eaton blower instead of the vortech?


well wanted to go eaton looks like way more pita and more money. havent looked in to it that much yet but looks like id have to swap the body harness for the 99+ cars and all that jazz maybe im wrong idk. but i got this intercooled v1 for 1000 bucks couldnt pass that up  may still do eaton one day but ill enjoy this version of boost for now

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Got the b head cams installed and head retimed just need to order a head gasket and head bolts and she will be ready to go back together and try to get running soon

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Got the head put back one today got everything retimed. Checked compression and we have compression again hoping to get it back together soon and running again 





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26 minutes ago, LWARRIOR1016 said:

What ended up being the problem with it? Did you have the cam timing off or was it the lash adjusters that were doing it?

Not 100% but leaning towards it was the last adjusters being stuck all the way up

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Well spent the past couple days after work messing with the motor yesterday all i got done was the top half of the long tube cause it's such a pita then it started pouring. Today I got the whole top end done now Monday I just need to finish the long tube, power steering pump, crank pulley, and oil pressure sensor and she will be ready to fire up and hopefully run correctly and smooth this time fingers crossed



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It's alive!!!


Iac is bad gonna have to replace that but other then that seems like it just needs some tuning issues fixed and she is good to go hopefully gonna try to upload videos later

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Still having issues with the car but getting closer

But traded these baer calipers for my cobra calipers got them painted up and ready to put on when it's running all the way



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Well got tired of messing with the car trying to figure out what the p1121 code was coming from so took it up to a local mustang shop around town. They checked it out ended up having a crossed wire in the tps (which I checked like 3 times guess I was wrong still) anyway got the car back still surging some but it's way better. Found out last night the mach one throttle body is different from the 97 tb and will make it not run correctly. Hoping that may fix the last of my surging issues fingers crossed. 

Here's a rolling shot my buddy took on the way home from the shop. Cars first long cruise with out stalling all the time. 


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Well did some work on the car over my weekend. Found out I have the wrong throttle body on my car didn't know there was a difference in there so plugged the hole in the b head tb made a difference on how it ran. It's closer still needs some work but it's getting there. Also installed my baer brakes




Also my buddy picked up a roller that had 373s in it so that will be going in my car real soon 



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Also may be looking to pick up a new project Friday found a lightning swap new edge that has a spun bearing guy wants to trade for my f150 so hopefully I can pick that up

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Been slackin here lately not much has been going on car sprung a coolant leak on me last week fixed it and immediately the water pump took a shit and started leaking got a little warm but seems to be fine now


Also selling my vortech and picking up a Eaton swap for 2200 bucks from a buddy of mine can't wait to get that installed





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I got lucky a buddy of mine picked up a 10th anniversary with a messed up motor and decided to part it out and he offered it to me for 2200 bucks. The blower that I'm selling for $1,700 I only have $1,000 in so technically I only have like 1500 bucks in it before I sell the Mach 1 intake cables and all that which I'm hoping to get about $700 for it which would only put me about 800 bucks into an eaton swap LOL

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Finally decided to pull the trigger on some coil overs instead of the mark viii ones. Talked to the guy about making a set with American flags on them and he said he's been wanting to make thoes but in a limited number so I'm gonna be the test set number 00 of 12 I think they will look good gonna be red white and blue too1a66209c79f8ad1efce1242db00419a9.jpg

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Finally got started on the Eaton swap on my weekend last week. Got a new edge crash bar installed with the heat exchanger.

The next day got the knock sensors mounts cut off the block, lower intake installed, timing cover swapped and painted the blower and set in there. Still have to do the turkey pan delete and make the return style fuel rails work before I mount the blower fully52dfedee6a9c0a5d8071effe8b22d785.jpg257dfbebe912fd23fc1590ccb3321f21.jpg63086c98cdc72c129304663a4c8828e2.jpg

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Well got some more done today on the swap. Got the return style rails in and held down put the plenum on to test fit it by the fuel pressure reg it's close just moved the vac port up and it fits good now. Bolted down the blower put the acc back on and started the alt but got confused so stop there for the day to do some research on how it mounts up. 

Hoping to have the engine part done tomorrow so I can start on redoing the harness cause there's lots to move around, extend and remove excess plugs for stuff I deleted 0d2a314b0e349b18123ffbf3d5fddffe.jpgf98561de2494ef29308480daee1531f4.jpg

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Getting close now didn't get as far as I wanted but it's pretty close to being done only left I can do right now to the motor is the intercooler pump. Dropping the coolant crossover off tomorrow to get another sensor bung welded on it and waiting for the oil cooler to show up in the mail. Thinking maybe next week I'm gonna start on the wiring nightmare I don't wanna do lol00f889a81c52f03e7387439a929f93d6.jpg

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Just about done finally got my oil cooler in the mail got that installed along with the intercooler pump and lines also did all the vac lines for the motor. All that's left is I need to get my coolant crossover back and installed, order a barbed fitting to finish up the power steering and then wiring. 



  Also gonna be picking up a automotive 340 pump  with the hanger out of my buddy's twin turbo fox and im.also gonna install the relay kit for the pump when I drop the tank


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Started on my wiring harness yesterday buy that was a lot of work lol thinned out what I'm not using anymore changed the fuel Injector plugs hid all my coil on plugs swap and put all new loom cause the 20 year old stuff was trash. Also extended the iat sensor to the map sensor and wired up the pump



Got it all back together today and decided to start the car and it fired right up I was surprised ran pretty smooth.  only ran for about 30 seconds then realised the ps wasn't hooked up yet so it started spraying oil lol whoops hoping to button it here soon


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Wow I've been slacking on this got the car pretty close to being done only have a few things left to do now. Finally got the car out of the shop to run for a bit and gt a few revs out of it. Also sold my cobra wheels and picked up a set of rovo cape towns need to get the rear tires put but but loving how the front is looking http://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/5a5d57fa78ee5/VID_299681010_150805_459.mp44232b615fa9fd1c5eb9865031c232a58.jpg2afb36a4719e4236759fb263be778806.jpg

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Got the rear wheels mounted and installed on the car got the bigger pump put in only thing I have left is install the bigger pulley on the blower new plugs and waiting for vmp to send me the tune for it hoping this weekend to gets crossed I'm ready to start driving it again656513f001f3f272a3441bfa73f850ed.jpg5701df68dc7e9e54ee39a05e696f8fb2.jpg

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Got the car buttoned up yesterday cleaned up and started data logging for the tune. Put some cobra badges on it (Thought I'd never do that) but I figured everything on it was cobra so why not lol decided to do the silver radio bezel and shifter bezel even though lmr paint doesn't match worth a crap is way darker. Hopefully finish up the tune this week and start driving it again7f71ee797397468b3f16a89112f5a532.jpgbeca422d2dbdeb14282d04c5dbee61dd.jpge223c74d9c65ec7486fa3a5e840eeb98.jpg

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