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stang232 95 GT

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My car is 1995 GT Black coupe.

Color is not OEM UE it is black metallic

It's for Canada so the odometer is more european (KMH bigger than MPH) very useful here.

I am the second owner in Poland, previous was my college. He is the member of our polish mustang club so the car condition was good.

I saw my GT in 2009 it was at the 1st Annual meeting of our club.


that day I had no idea That in the future it will park in my garage.

But since October 2012 it is mine. I sold my 3.8 and after 30hours V6 was sold I bought this GT (30hours without Mustang is really terrible :) )

Photos from October.





Paint it's not perfect I need to repaint hood and front bumper (or replace for cobra... )


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Interior is saddle. A few years ago seats got the new leather, they are still in good shape.

I can attach only the steering wheel can be trimmed one more time. In my previous Mustang was thicker steering wheel (custom) so that it was better kept than the one that comes standard.



Maybe I will change the pedal ( for Bullitt Style Pedal Covers) and e- brake handle for standard.

I need also new floor mats.

Should I buy black or saddle?

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I'm lazy and I know it

but today I wants make up

First thing I added to GT was chin spoiler


next I replace the bulb for led and license plate lamps for new (I was waiting for it almost two months)



the passenger red rear light was broken, so in place of red I hit the black


in this package was also pistol grip shifter from HURST


as you can see my old look like shit


after few months I have to say - It's fantastic


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Next I refreshed brake calipers, I was thinking about the red color. ultimately chose silver Hammerite with Hammred finish.

Red resemble me my old v6.

I painted the brake disc rotor also because in the meantime they got rust



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This season, unfortunately, still with 4x4 look, despite the fact that the spring had to be No. 1 on my shopping list.

Because I bought from a friend these cool Redline hood lifters



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When some time ago I saw a picture of Kyle5.0 on which a rear diffuser.

I wanted to have him in my GT.


I took a sheet of galvanized steel duct, just because it was available to me.

I thought to buy a plexiglass sheet as Kyle5.0.

But in the end I chose the plate.

Measurements took from Kyle5.0, but I am a European and I had to rearrange inches per cm so after rounding the dimensions are slightly different

Most of the elements joined by rivets, but I used the screws in case you need to take off the diffuser in 5 minutes.

Below are some photos




considered it not do more vertical, but ultimately remained at four


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Then came the first matching, because I still do not know whether to mount




looks good so I went step further, Kyle showed in his thread (http://www.sn95forums.com/showthread.php?49403-sleepn_sn95-s-95-GT-8-30-13-Ducktail-Spoiler/page12&highlight=diffuser) of the installation, so I will send one that shows what you can not see from the outside.


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I bought Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs and some Polyurethane rubbers


Should I use Prothane Polyurethane Offset Steering Rack Bushings because I read that they can rotate during ride and can appear problems with geometry.


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Great looking GT.  I always love to see people in other countries into Mustangs, and American cars in general.  To answer your question, I would not use those offset rack bushings.  You are correct in that they can produce undesirable results in the geometry of the front suspension.  Maximum Motorsports NON-offset aluminum ones are a great upgrade though.

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I'm super-happy because I was able to buy in Poland original Cobra front bumper  !

Offer of such parts in Poland happens once every 3-4 years, this time I was the fastest :)

In addition, as the price was free, I paid only $ 120. If I want to buy from U.S. it will cost me around $ 600-700
Here some pics (on the bumper is a VIN, after  decoded  that is the 95 cobra coupe)





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Great to see you're doing what you can with your Mustang, considering how hard it can be. I like what you've done so far. It's especially cool to see something like the diffuser that makes the car stand out so much.


I do not have much time to do many things at once at the car. Therefore, I need to do this in small steps.

But when I look at what you have here ideas and what you got to do with your own hands, it really made me motivated to continue to work with my GT.

For example, last mounth in the end I managed to buy a Ford badge on the trunk.

I put on a license plate in the size of the U.S., although it is illegal in my country. But it is better to cops they picked license plate than my loud exhaust :P



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next part for my coupe
BBK caster / camber plates  are used but it is a pleasure to give them shine.

Unfortunately bushings are deformed so I bought new replacement two weeks ago and now I'm waiting for a package from the U.S.



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woot! get those springs in now too!

check this pic.  Can I install the old bushings?

or wait for the new.

I do not want to disassemble the suspension twice.


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yea i would wait, but if you enjoy working on the car, do it twice ;)  


I dont have the isolaters in my car, rides like a a fricking shopping cart. but i dont mind it.

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yea i would wait, but if you enjoy working on the car, do it twice ;)


I dont have the isolaters in my car, rides like a a fricking shopping cart. but i dont mind it.

yes I enjoy working on my GT.

But I do not have free time to much (family, work etc.)

Last week I made Cobra Euro size plate bracket for my new bumper.

details you'll find here


and there are results of few hour work.








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