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SN95/New Edge Cruise T-shirt

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Well we got the art back for the shirt and this is what we have, there are a few things that need to be tweaked but for the most part this is the shirt for this years event. Sean can give you more info soon.


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Trust me I've checked every rental place in the area, the only one that has trucks charges 59 cents a mile in addition to the cost of renting the truck (59 cents x 1200 miles = $708, then add the actual rental cost and insurance coverage...)

And the words beater plus a 23 hour round trip don't go very well together lol.

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My dad has an 87 F250 diesel with a banks turbo kit on it, but it also has 230k miles on it and he said he wouldn't trust driving it that far.

My friend has a 2012 powerstroke with about 20k dumped into it, but isn't willing to let me borrow it because he has so much tied up in it and it's his baby/show truck/daily driver, and I totally understand.

Another friend has a 79 F250 with a 460 big block, 12" lift and a powerglide, basically it's a mini bigfoot...

and that's it as far as my access to full size trucks goes... ugh. Everyone else I know either has a small truck or no truck at all.

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...basically it's a mini bigfoot...


Dan is there a specific reason you're only limiting yourself to a pick-up truck?! I mean, this is my tow vehicle: http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj179/whereamioo7/random/97B8DC9E-81B9-4ACF-A6BC-651FDC7F2A5C-16500-000003CDA42A0B5A_zpsfe5d2f2d.jpg

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