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how to pull a windshield?

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Found this, hope it helps


Remove windshield wiper pivot arms (17526) and cowl top extensions (021A36) .

Remove all moldings (42404), windshield glass stops (03296) and retainers.

Remove inside rear view mirror (17700) using Rearview Mirror Replacer T94P-17700-AH.


Using Rotunda Knife with Offset Blade 107-R1511 or Rotunda Interior Auto Glass Cut-Out Knife Kit 163-00001 or equivalent, follow manufacturer's instructions and cut seal and dam around entire outer edge of windshield glass (03100) .

Remove windshield glass from vehicle using a suitable suction tool.

NOTE: If urethane has not cured completely, remove all uncured urethane using care not to smear urethane on component parts or instrument panel (04320) .

Trim urethane left on flange with a utility knife or razor blade until surface is smooth and free of cuts. It is not necessary to remove all urethane from the flange if it is cured. However, at no point should existing urethane material exceed 2.54 mm (0.10 inch).

Check flange sealing area for damaged sheet metal or foreign objects which may have caused, or may cause, windshield glass breakage. Service sheet metal if necessary.


CAUTION: Use only urethane for after-seal to service air and water leaks in urethane seal. Failure to do this may result in additional leaks.

If existing urethane on metal flange has become contaminated, cut away contaminated urethane with a utility knife or razor blade.

NOTE: A minimum of 30 minutes is required for primer surface to dry.

If painted sheet metal has been exposed anywhere along the flange, apply Urethane Metal Primer WSB-M2G234-C or equivalent over the painted surface using a clean brush.

Place the windshield glass on a low, stable work surface, inside up.

Clean windshield glass and install inside rear view mirror bracket (17698) onto windshield glass .

NOTE: Wipe off immediately after application because it flash-dries.

Using a lint-free cloth, wipe outer 25 mm (1 inch) of inside glass periphery with Urethane Glass Wipe WSB-M5B280-C2 or equivalent.

Position windshield outside moldings (03144) on windshield glass .

CAUTION: Allow all glass parts installed with urethane ample time to cure. If ample time is not allowed, glass may come loose and/or leak.

Thoroughly shake and stir Urethane Glass Primer WSB-M2G314-B or equivalent to ensure uniform pigment mixing.

Using a clean brush, apply primer around entire periphery of glass on inside surface as shown. (Allow at least five minutes drying time.)

Properly align windshield glass to body.

Make sure lower windshield glass stops are in place at bottom of windshield glass opening.

Place windshield glass into opening. Center windshield glass top and bottom, side to side, with about equal clearance around opening.

Using masking tape or crayon, make alignment marks at points on both the windshield glass and the windshield glass opening.

Remove windshield glass from vehicle and place back on work table.

Apply an even bead of Urethane Adhesive WSB-M2G316-B on top of existing urethane around entire window opening using an air pressure cartridge gun. Air line pressure should be around 276 kPa (40 psi). The bead should be large enough to seal the windshield glass but not cause leaks into vehicle.

When installing the windshield glass , apply Foam Tape ESB-M3G137-A along bottom of windshield glass as shown.

Install windshield glass onto vehicle, taking care to align marks on windshield glass to those on body. This must be done within 10 minutes of applying urethane.

Install windshield outside moldings , windshield wiper pivot arm and cowl top extension .

Install inside rear view mirror to inside rear view mirror bracket .

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follow those steps rio added and add in hours of patience. without the right tools and the experience of doing it, you'll probably end up breaking the glass. If you are going to try it, make sure to pick up some of the special window removal tools.

Me personally would leave it to the pro's and get a brand new windshield put in. I quoted one out through safelite real quick and it was $250 removed and installed with all new seals. Not to bad.

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Yea Scott I'm a glazier and with out the right tools you'll have a bastard of a time ... The lower corners are the hardest an have the most eurethane there .... If your patient you can use a mini propane torch heat the blades up to cut threw the eurethane , I actually just bought the electric windshield cut out tool, it's very similar to sawzall but it vibrates and has a spatula type blade

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I didn't read the write up dan posted, but if it didn't mention it, cover the windshield in some criss cross patterns of tape, just in case you do break it. It will make clean up much easier. Just ask [MENTION=145]PRPVinyl[/MENTION]. He had a helluva time with the mark VIII glass. lol

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I had Safelite replace the windshield in my scion after a chip from a rock on the highway while driving home quickly spidered all the way across by the time I pulled into the driveway. They came out to my work to fix it in the parking lot. I came out and tossed them the keys, then went back to work inside the building. Came out maybe a couple hours later and he was done. Cost $100 through my insurance since a new windshield had to be paid for. If it's only $130 to have a company come change it for you like Bryan said, it isn't even worth the time and frustration to do it yourself.

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I'm with dan .... I'd rather not cut them out you can buy a windshield and stuff to do it for around a 100 bucks and it's super easy to do yourself. The best part is getting out a busted windshield what a pain and then you'll have to do it twice and save the other one.

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This has to be one of the best redeeming values of living in FL... free windshield replacement! That being said, I would totally pay $1-200 to have someone else do it. That's just one thing I don't mess with.

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I had glass ins on my window in az but that was because we needed it. All the damn rocks they line the sides of the highway with eventually make their way down onto the road and your lucky If you go a year with out breaking one. I had a room mate that broke his a 2nd time while the tape/glue were still gluing from the first one. Wasn't worth the 2x the insurance cost I had to pay going from the Midwest to az.....

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