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Pix of the Fauxbra

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Okay Guys,


     Finally got the car out of the garage today. What a gorgeous day here in Atlanta. Hope you all enjoy the pictures. Like I said, this was my daily till about a year ago. It has 234,000 and still runs like a top. It has been pretty much like this for the last 8 years or so. While I have a DD fox vert now, it will never take the place of the SN. It is such a fun car. I told my wife, when it is my time, she can forgo the coffin and bury me in this one! 








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Thanks Guys!


Steve-Oh, the bottom end hasn't been apart either. I had the HCI done in 05 and the cyls looked good so I just had them put it back together. It holds good oil pressure even when warm so I am just gonna drive it till I have a problem. 


Eventually, I want a 94/95 Cobra Decklid and spoiler on there. I have thought about the aftermarket spoiler without the light but do not think I will be happy with it. One of my buddies had a set of 94-96 Export lights already painted the right color and I didn't buy them. I am kicking myself for that one a little. I do not think I would have permanently removed the 97-98 exports, but it sure would have looked good with the Cobra Decklid and spoiler.

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These wheels sure do have a cult following! I will tell you that my car had 98 Cobras on it when I got it (hence 98 Fauxbra). They had a little rash on them so I sold them and put a BRAND NEW set of 98 Cobra's on it (those were the good ol days...2002...98 Cobra wheels brand new at ford for $99 bucks each) They were on it for 7 months till I found these through a buddy of mine. These are the only wheels that have been on it since and I cannot imagine a diff set of wheels. They are showing their age slightly so I have considered having them PVD coated to look like plasma's. Not sure if I would like it as much as the silver though. I have a friend with a BAB 98 Cobra and he has a set of Plasma's. Once he has the rears redone, we are going to throw them on to see how it looks. 

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