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SN95 replacement

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Well was able to sell my 95 over the weekend as well as trade in my daily driver Honda for this little gem to be my new daily driver now that snow (usually) isn't a problem for us in Atlanta, and when it is they just tell us to stay home anyway.

2009 GT500 Vert - 9,000 miles
Vapor silver with red/black leather (1 of only 4 with this combo)
Stripe delete (could make this a 1 of 1 car when factored in with interior/exterior)

Drivetrain is bone stock as far as I can tell. Only mods so far are sequential taillight wiring, a set of Nitto NT555's to replace the factory rubber, and some nice under hood aluminum reservoir caps. Verified that the car has had its clutch replaced under the TSB at about 7,000 miles and it feels great. I think I'll probably do the basic intake, programmer, and pulley in the next year or so. Before that this thing will need some sort of axle back upgrade because it's way too quiet. We have emissions down here so won't be going crazy with the exhaust anytime too soon. Also looking into the H&R rear springs to try and bring the "stinkbug" stance down to a reasonable level. Other than that I'm just going to enjoy it as it's going to have to be a reliable daily for me.

Just got it Saturday night and haven't had time to get any good pics of it yet really, but here's what my wife snapped as we picked it up.

Next to the old daily


Back home and inside the garage (ignore my permagrin)

Took the daughter out for her first ride in a convertible as well as her first ride in a forward facing car seat.

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Holy crap man! I love it, talk about an awesome daily!!! And 9,000 miles???? That is legit. Congrats kyle, enjoy it!

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Well for the first few months here I'm just going to be making payments on the thing lol. Basic plans include axleback, intake, pulley, and a programmer and pretty much call it quits for the drivetrain as it needs to be reliable above all else.


On the suspension side i'm debating between the H&R rear lowering springs from Maximum Motorsports, or maybe some of the Ford Racing lowering springs. Either way the "ass in the air" stance has to go. A set of wheels would be nice, but that probably won't happen until i run these NT555's down to nothing and have some times to save up for something a little bigger than the current 18's.


Aside from that I'll probably chase after some basic but tasteful appearance mods.

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The thing right now that's killing me is that according to the production numbers for 2009, this car is 1 of 4 Vapor Silver convertibles with the red and black interior, and 1 of 12 vapor silver convertibles to have a stripe delete. I can't imagine taht all 4 verts with the interior package also had stripe deletes so this could darn near be a 1 of 1 car with this configuration.


Now that's not to say I'll keep it 100% stock it's entire life, but to me I'm still very much on the fence of how I feel about a Shelby not having stripes. I'm very strongly considering either the factory sized shelby stripes down the center (still unsure how I feel about the side stripes) or even the GT500 KR stripe and having it added to the car along with window tint and tinting all the lights.


I'm also considering cleaning and then maybe plastidipping the factory wheels gunmetal just to mix things up a bit until I can actually swing new aftermarket wheels for it. We will see though.

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Well that's def an upgrade!  I'm starting to see a few GT500's of various years popping up in my area, would love to grab one myself.  The little one looks right at home in the back seat there, next thing you know she'll be taking that off your hands one day ;)

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I was looking in about a 300 mile radius. There were only about 3 for sale at dealers in the Atlanta area when i bought mine. There was a nice black with gunmetal stripes coupe I considered, but they wanted the same money as the vert I bought with 6K fewer miles.

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